Messy Mum's Playbook

Your must have guide to becoming unshakably confident, gain financial freedom and know how to navigate life's difficult emotions and challenges within minutes.

Messy Mum

The Messy Mums Playbook is for the mum who wants real tools and strategies that work to take her from “stressed-the-hell-out” and “stretched-too-thin” to feeling calm, clear, confident and back in control of your own life

It's time to give yourself permission to live a happy, fulfilled life you LOVE.

There is no question that we are living in intense, uncertain times - 

One minute you're dancing around the kitchen loving life and the next your biting your fingernails down to the skin whilst eating tubs of ice-cream in your pj's - still wearing yesterday's crusty mascara - tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and lost.

You want to feel greater confidence and calm

You want to feel more energised, motivated, appreciated and take back control.

What needs to shift in your life for you to finally take back control, blast through self-doubt and change your beliefs to allow you to achieve long-held goals and dreams?

Find out in the messy mum's playbook

If you're plagued by self-doubt and stuck constantly pleasing others, it's time to move from hot mess to mastery in realising all your dreams with the Messy Mum's Playbook

Messy Mum’s Playbook is a life-changing journal and a step-by-step guide designed to help y-o-u become unshakably confident, gain financial freedom, and know how to navigate difficult emotions and challenges on your path to living a life you LOVE.

With this book, you’ll learn to:

  • Learn powerful tools to gain freedom from anxiety and overwhelm
  • Master the use of sexy, powerful language to get what you want
  • Tap into how to create more time to allow you to invest in the areas of your life that light you up
  • Recognise how to remove negative energies and limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams

Written for mum’s wanting to feel confident, courageous, peaceful and empowered to live out deepest desires and dreams, Messy Mum’s Playbook is your essential daily companion to take back the reins on your life.

Some Messy Mum Love

The Messy Mum's Playbook is well beyond your typical self-help book. The energy and expertise delivered by Angela is fun, easy to understand and implement - exceptional! If you are looking for an easy to follow, step by step playbook, that will most certainly support you in laying the groundwork for staining positive change in your life and creating what matters most to you, this book is a must have!

Erika Fay, Certified Life Mastery and Success Coach

Maximum Achievement Coaching - Mum

“As a busy working Mum Ang “gets” how tough it is to find time for yourself in your busy day. She has created an easy to follow step by step guide to help you discover how to become the best version of you and create the amazing life you were born to live.” 

Diana Lang, CEO Southern Sydney Business Education Network

Every page I read was like Angela was right beside me holding my hand, speaking directly to me!

Leading me step by step through life's ups and downs so I can be the best version of myself, both at home and in business.

What I love most is that it's not a traditional self-help book, it’s not a quick fix, because we all know that doesn’t work. It’s that long term consistent support and daily companion needed to drive change across your life.

Jodi Brown, NDIS Support Coordinator - Business Owner

Vice President of a National Association - Messy Mum to 4 kids, 3 with disabilities

From this messy mum to you, I can't recommend "The Messy Mums' Playbook" highly enough! Working full time and looking after a family, making time for me was what fell by the wayside. Angela's book has been a lifesaver - as the title says, it's a guide for busy mums to get the most from our messy lives!

Step by step, month by month, this book provides achievable strategies that build our strength and capacity to be all the things everyone needs us to be, by looking after ourselves and keeping our own goals in sight.

Angela's advice about surviving and thriving, and the techniques you'll put into practice, will change your mindset, your relationships, and your confidence to enable you to achieve your dreams.

Lisa Edwards, Deputy School Principal

Messy Mum to twins

Get you hot hands on The Messy Mum's Playbook that hit the #1 Best Sellers list in US, UK, Canada and Australia. 

The world and your family are waiting for you to step up and rise as the woman you were always meant to be… Let’s Do This!


Angela Firefly is a transformational success and mindset coach and mum who has the blisters of life’s challenges... and t-shirt to match. Combining her passion for exercise psychology, nutrition and life mastery, Angela founded the Firefly Tribe which empowers women to dream big and live their best lives.

Her website is

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