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Finally learn the missing steps to Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires. 

Shake Up Your Greatness

A proven manifestation formula designed for the busy woman (like you!) who is  tired of filling up her inbox with promised downloads that never work.

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Maybe you have an inbox stuffed to the brim with promised results on manifesting yet you are still stuck! This could mean different things for all of us. 

For me, I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE to begin or how to keep up the momentum. In between raising three kids, running a business and keeping the flame alive in my fizzling relationship...I felt defeated and confused.

To be honest I thought that maybe I wasn't meant to experience success, that maybe the Universe had forgotten all about me - I know that sounds whiny, but it was how I felt...lost and forgotten about.

You feel like you put the work in, do ALL the things but you don't seem to be able to get are not getting, achieving or receiving...

The reason for this is you have never been given all the pieces to the manifestation puzzle, that was until NOW!

Not having access to all the pieces to manifesting could be the ONE thing holding you back from the freedom. happiness and success you want

You owe it to yourself to manifest all you desire in YOUR life.

In fact, you can get results faster (and with less effort) than you've probably ever thought possible.

In a matter of minutes from now, you will be on the fast track to manifesting anything your heart desires, and in ALL areas of your life. 

(Even if you have failed a thousand times before)

Get Ready To Start Manifesting

It's now your turn to start feeling electrified and all warm and fuzzy as you begin to call in your desires as if on speed dial and begin living the life you always dreamed of...

Shake Up Your Greatness is a fun,inspiring and easy guide for you to follow and start manifesting like a warrior princess.

And you can expect to see and feel  progress by the time you wake up tomorrow...

What You Can Expect to feel

✔️  Decreased worry and anxiety about if you're "doing it right"

✔️  No longer feel confused or frustrated about The Law of Attraction 

✔️  Experience fewer challenges and worries in your day

✔️ Increased energy, clarity, confidence and peace of mind


What You Will Learn With This Fun, Easy, powerful manifestation Program

   ✔️ Create boundaries so you feel confident in your decision making, instead of saying ‘yes’ to everyone which as we all know, leaves us feeling deflated.

  ✔️ Become a magnet to your dreams using a vision a board

✔️ Uncover exactly how to stay aligned to the energy and vibration of ALL your dreams and desires

✔️ Create sexy sacred spaces to increase your magnetic attraction.

  PLUS...Instantly unlock 2 BONUS MANIFESTATION AUDIO'S that helped me call in love, opportunities and extra money!

All easily accessed through a Facebook learning members platform so you never have to remember a password again!



You are badass who has big dreams and goals and you're tired of following others... You would rather play by your own rules. 👸

You want to wake up every morning no longer feeling bogged down in worry and... 

 YOU want to always feel clear on the next steps to take because you're sick of standing on the sidelines watching others achieve their dreams.


You are ready to feel Confident and Clear every day on the next steps to take

 You want to learn the most powerful, effective and time efficient ways to manifest ALL you desire


So...What are you waiting for, Let's get you started!

Shake Up Your Greatness 

Get lifetime access Today for only $49

Finally learn how to Master The Law of Attraction so it works for you ALWAYS and no longer feel confused or frustrated

Hi I'm Angela

As a busy working mum to 3 kids when I first discovered the Law Of Attraction it all felt woo woo and hard work.

 All I manifested was a pile of  self-help books, an inbox filled with unopened promises and a heap of overwhelm.

But my life was a mess and I REALLY wanted to create change something different to what I had.

 So I set about how to breakdown all the steps into an easy repeatable formula THAT WORKS  without me needing to clone myself to find the time.


In fact I made it as simple as watching a 5 minute video while brushing my teeth, or listening to a short audio while watching my son play soccer - with the ability to implement immediately.

But will it work?

Having worked with hundreds of women like YOU,

I've seen women manifest everything from;

  New bar stools within 3 days

  Trip to Fiji 3 months later

  New life partner

New career 12 weeks after working this powerful program

 $6000 in cash the very next day

And these mums where no different to you...They just finally got access to the right tools.

Are you ready to Master The Law Of Attraction?

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