Several years ago, I’d reached a point in my marriage and business where it felt all too difficult, like nothing I did was right. My business felt more like a very, very expensive hobby and my marriage felt like a dying flower unable to be resurrected. So I decided to listen to the voice in my head saying ”You should give up”

Just kidding. I mean—I thought about it, but NO! I persisted.

You see because even though it didn’t feel like it at the time, I knew that my dreams for my business, for my marriage and family mattered. And the ability to persist comes when you connect to your why and trust that the Universe has bigger plans for you. Bigger than even you can imagine.

I was able to continue to persist because I understood that I wasn’t gifted these dreams just to be pushed off the cliff…

I was learning how to FLY.

And guess what? You’re here to do the same. So the big question is “How to know when you should give up?” and “When to trust and keep going…even when it feels like you are pushing shit uphill”?.

Why you should give up and ”How” to know when

You should give up when…

The idea of your dreams simply doesn’t strike any joy, when there is not even a tiny spark of “I would love this” feeling. If the love is gone you should give up. 


When It’s not time to give up.

? It’s not time to give up when it feels like it’s taking too long

? It’s not time to give up on yourself when it looks like things are falling apart (truth be told this means that everything is working out for you…(Read more about that here)

? It’s not time to give up because it feels hard (flying takes strength and stamina)

And then there is the mother of all reasons….

? It’s not time to give up because those you love and are the closest to you don’t understand “why” you keep going. Even if it’s your closest friend, mother or partner they are just worried about you, however, they don’t have the same calling as you, so persist.

Don’t give up on your dreams

Success, Your success, is going to happen and here are the signs that it’s true:

? You still feel a fire when you speak of your dreams and imagine them having happened,

? You still feel passionate about the creation and manifestation of your dreams,

? You still turn up daily in service of your dreams. 

? Start doing DreamBuilding activities that bring you joy

? And sometimes if your a busy Mumma like me you need to have a nap and take some time for some self-care

Don’t give up, Not yet! Instead…

? Find yourself a partner in believing, a buddy to cheer you on and help you back up when you fall so you can fly again.

? Create a playlist of songs that lift you up 

?Join a group that motivates and inspires you

Keep Going – Ang  ?

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