Social distancing. A new word that will define 2020 and find its way into dictionaries, however, will not hold us trapped in fear. It’s crucial during these times that we stay connected to friends and loved ones. In an era of social distancing and isolation – 5 ways to stay connected

Today feels like a new world. Where fear feels like a relentless tidal wave creating anxiety and emotional stress.

What if we could buck this trend and use the current turbulent environment as an invitation. An invitation to connect in a new profound way.

An invitation to ground ourselves and our energy so we don’t get swept away. Connect back to each other from a space of love and compassion.

Social distancing and isolation – 5 ways to stay connected

social distancing

Start a phone tree

Every day make time to give a friend or loved a phone call. Instead of texting have a great conversation and check-in.

Virtual Book Club

Start a virtual book club. Each week in a group chat share with each other your thoughts. You can use FB or Insta.

Start a cooking club

Each week share your favourite recipe with each other and have a cook-off.

Send a letter

Write a letter of love and friendship to friends in other countries. An old fashioned letter that has a stamp on it.

Start movement coaster

Head over to YouTube and look up home workouts. Every day challenge your friends to work out and share with you that they have finished. Accountability is queen.

These current times can feel scary and isolating. However, we are resilient, strong and adaptable. Instead of getting caught up in the current wave of fear.

Let’s connect with each other in new ways. Amp up our gratitude for how amazing it is that we get to live in a time that allows us to still connect and see each other, and have beautiful deep conversations with the help of the internet and our phones.

Share this downloadable image with friends to stay connected and together we will create a movement of social caring and brand new connection. I stand with you.

social disconnection

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