5 secrets to social media and blog post planning as a busy mum is less about finding the perfect calendar, diary or content guide and more about allowing your ideas to flow, taking imperfect action and gifting yourself the ultimate act of self-care – prioritising time for yourself first, family must-do’s and then your business.

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Right now savvy inspirational mum’s in business are feeling more energetically drained, and burnt out trying to be in all places at the same time. With all the different social media platforms and rules around when you should post and what you should post it can be hard to keep up.

In all honesty, most of us mums get exhausted, confused and overwhelmed trying to plan out all the social media and blog post content. We simply want to get it right, get it done and we want it to make a difference We want it to have an impact because let’s face it, we have put our blood sweat and time into it- Right?

But, it feels too hard to keep up with so we give up in favour of getting Johnny to Karate class, Sally to her netball training and getting at least some housework done before we can’t find the floor any longer under the pile of laundry.

Seriously – I get it!

Planning social media and blog post content whilst running after kids, partners and juggling your job and never-ending housework can all get too much. Not to mention the old masculine method of pushing ourselves “to get it down” simply only creates greater fatigue, make us grouchy and snappy, and often leads to brilliant mumpreneurs to give up – it just doesn’t feel aligned.

With this in mind, I have put together the 5 secrets to social media and blog post planning as a busy mum. How I plan out my week to make sure my blog post gets written along with a consistent social media presence – all without feeling ruled by my business.

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5 secrets to social media and blog post planning as a busy mum

Secret #1:

Write out your must-do list and self-care list. There are two things you want to get clear on before you can even pull out your laptop to get creative. They are your must-do and self-care activities. Here is what I mean.

I know for myself I can not sit down to create an Instagram or blog post if I know that the bathrooms need cleaning, grocery shopping need to be down or that there is three loads of laundry waiting for me. I must get those done otherwise they become a huge distraction. I feel overwhelmed before I have even begun.

The same goes with planning out self-care for ourselves. Most of us mum’s suck when it comes to our own self-care. However, if we are going to avoid burn-out we must be super intentional with creating space in our week for self-care. Be sure to write down what “you” need to fill your own cup. Plan these out for yourself first and instantly you will feel greater clarity and weight lift off your shoulders.

Secret #2:

Write down all your ideas on paper in a journal. So often mums tell me that they don’t know what to write about. And I totally get it because if you sat me down in front of my laptop and said “write” I’d probably after 10 minutes of staring at a blank screen be tempted to throw the laptop our the door.

But, have you heard the term “life is your content”? Well, it is, ideas come to you whilst you are listening to your favourite song in the car, standing in the grocery aisle picking out the best pasta sauce – heck some of your best ideas probably come to you when you have that moment of solitude in the bathroom (I know they do for me). So write them all down. Any quote you have seen, any images you have loved. Write them down or take a screenshot of them to go back to when it comes time to create.

Secret #3:

Be intentional with your time. Time has the ability to speed by, especially when you are juggling all the family, work and relationships balls. You need to create the time to sit down and get creative, unfortunately, no-one is going to give it to you. Secret number three is sit down and plan out when you will be working, how long and on what. The more intentional you are in creating and planning your time, the more focused and confident you become.

Secret #4:

Get your Powerfully Feminine on. For me I need a killer soundtrack to motivate me, I also often require an affirmation or mantra to kick my mindset into less of a “ This shit is hard- maybe I should give up” to…“ I’ve got this, let’s go” kind of feel. Secret number four is – have your own killer soundtrack and mantra prepared to get you going.

Secret #5:

Aim for done and not perfect. Call out to all my fellow high-achievers and perfectionists, I love you, I see you and…Don’t get caught in the trap of waiting till your writing is perfect OR for when you have all 25 posts planned and written before you hit publish. This is a deadly trap to fall into. This trap is often filled with the voice of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. My tip; hit publish and then celebrate with a happy dance, hot coffee or even a nap. Some weeks what you create will be amazing and others it will suck- it’s all great.

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