Are you spending wayyyy too much of your precious time and brainpower trying to come up with fresh social media and blog post content? I get it! The amount of time I have wasted staring at a blank computer screen and blinking cursor makes me want to dive into the nearest tub of caramel swirl ice-cream.

social media content

A couple of years ago when a coach of mine at the time told me I had to post on social media every day, write a blog post or create a video a week I almost went into full freak-out mode. I mean come on!!

I got really shitty because it was all good and easy for her – she didn’t have kids and family to run after. Sound familiar?

So I did what most of us do I sat in full-on procrastination mode until I had an epiphany of some sort. I realised that you don’t need to be a marketing genius or any kind of genius, to be honest. What you need to do is rip off the vulnerability band-aid and share the REAL YOU and sometimes know that you will suck. I know this is scary, but I promise you it works.

You just need to pretend that collecting fresh content ideas is like collecting flowers or shells. It can be fun and easy.

Collect ideas from you what you read, what you see pop up on your Instagram feed, even those little gem quotes and things your kids say are all creative content. All of these places will help you spark your creative juices and see you creating content like a MO-FO.

I have clients, colleagues, even random people who reach out to me on social media wonder how it is I always have things to write about. It’s easy, I have a little black book (actually it’s pink and sparkly) and I write down little ideas that pop into my head, or I will screenshot a quote I like that I will re-use OR I fold down pages in books that spark ideas. Life is your content.

So gorgeous if you’re now thinking, “I wish I had a list of all these places I can find content and spark my creative juices” – there is. Check it out below.

fresh ideas

15 tips to finding fresh social media and blog post content

Songs you hear in the car

Stories your kids tell you

Other people’s social media posts trigger ideas

Podcasts – so many creative juices start flowing

Exercising gets my brain cogs turning

Discussions around the dinner table

Magazine headlines you see whilst waiting to pay for your groceries.

What you hear your friends or clients moan about

Your own worries, fears and wins

Dancing – this shakes up ideas and gets you feeling pumped.

Journaling your thoughts

Reading books

Reading other people’s blog posts.

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