Not sure if the Law Of Attraction is working for you because it feels like the Universe has turned your life upside down, life is getting harder instead of easier? AWESOME! Setbacks when manifesting means The Law Of Attraction is working for you.

Let me guess, you’ve spent countless hours reading all the books and blog posts, you’ve taken all the inspired actions, followed all the steps…even given yourself writers cramp – Yet still, things seem to feel like they are falling apart! It feels like nothing is ever working out for you…Right?

It’s a sucky feeling that over the years found me wrist-deep in a bag of chocolate bullets frustrated as to “why” I wasn’t good enough for the universe to smile down on me – But she was…she always is.

Setbacks when manifesting means The Law Of Attraction is working for you!

The reason things are falling apart IS because the Universe is conspiring and helping you. And most of the times when you are in the process of manifesting big things in your life it gets a little messy first.

Think about it…to build a new house you have to make a mess of the old first, a baby is born and it’s a mess first. Love is manifested but first, it’s a mess of awkward moments and fumbled kisses…then the magic and manifestation occurs.

Setbacks when manifesting

Law Of Attraction working

For the Law Of Attraction to work its magic and the Universe to help you on your journey of manifesting your dreams, mess, chaos and perceived setbacks happen first – That’s how you know it’s working (cue the happy dance music!)

The universe gets rid of the people, places, and things that are in the way of you achieving or having what it is that you want.
The universe isn’t turning your life upside down just to mess with you. It’s quite literally rearranging everything to where it needs to be for you to create a have what you are asking for.

It just feels like shit because you are on the inside of your life living IN your circumstances dealing with the “chaos and doubts”, so you aren’t able to see the bigger picture.

When you ask the universe for what you want, you need to be prepared to get it!

▫️You aren’t going to become a millionaire mum-entrepreneur by working a normal 9-5 at a job that sucks the life out of you

▫️You are not going to find the love of your life by staying in every night elbow deep in a tub of ice-cream watching bachelor.

▫️You are not going to get to where you want to be unless something changes.

▫️Changes don’t always need to be negative, messy or dramatic, but sometimes…sometimes the universe needs to step in and throw a little chaos your way so you DO MAKE the changes needed.

Great questions to discover if LOA is WORKING for you

Next time you feel like everything is falling apart, take a step back and look at the bigger picture…

▫️Did you lose your job because you needed to take the next step to finding your dream job?

▫️Are you unable to feel confident in yourself because you need to change who you hang with?

▫️Are you in financial distress because you are in a constant state of need and desperation?

▫️Are you unable to feel confident in yourself because you need to change who you hang with?

▫️Do you keep attracting loveless shitty relationships because you aren’t treating yourself with love first?

▫️Did your rent increase because it was time to make that big move you’ve been talking about?

▫️Did that business you started slow down to test your commitment to its creation because if you are it’s about to go banana’s in all the best possible ways and the universe knew you need a little time to prepare for it


The universe is always trying to communicate with you, it’s up to you to listen!

Trust that when things feel like they are falling apart, they are really falling into place. Take this as your sign that The Law Of Attraction is working for you. Take this time to celebrate and busy yourself with DreamBuidling activities while what you desire OR BETTER turn into your reality.

Everything is always working out for you – Ang x

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