I love affirmations and mantras. Essentially it’s how we teach ourselves to think ourselves out of feeling “stuck where we are” and into expanding into where we want to be. And…there is one affirmation that you want to use daily.

Drum roll please and a marching band if you have one in stand-by

The one affirmation you want to use daily is 

“I am enough”

one affirmation to use daily

Here is the thing. If we were to scout around inside of all the negative thoughts you have or limiting beliefs the root belief would be some version of you thinking and believing that you are not enough. 

So let’s change that. Let’s install the new empowering belief I am enough

I am worthy enough

I am deserving enough

I am more than enough 


Say it daily as you brush your teeth 

Sing it out kid in the car three times every time you get stuck behind a red light 

Sing it in the shower and to your loved ones. 

You are enough 

You were born enough and once you fully embody that belief you will become unstoppable

one affirmation you can use daily

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