If you want to improve your health, relationships, career AND time and money freedom, add The Science To Getting Rich to your library today.

After spending 20 years studying, applying and mentoring others in Firefly in transformational principles and life mastery skills, I’ve found that, in one way or another, every single person wants to live a life of greater abundance.

Not everyone stands up on the nearest soapbox and announces it to the world, but there is a yearning, longing and desire that’s within all of us – and this includes YOU!

This desire to be abundant goes deeper than just having lots of money. It’s about being wealthy in ALL areas of your life; in other words, not just wealthy in one area while bankrupt in another.

For example, you most likely want to enjoy vibrant health, have fulfilling loving understanding relationships with those around you, enjoy what you do for a living AND, at the same time, have time and money freedom.

Create Abundance

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles is only 86 pages long, but for what it lacks in pages it packs with punch. It contains powerful teachings that you can apply to your life to experience greater abundance in your life. The book was also a major inspiration for the bestselling book and film, The Secret.

Now, like many people, you may think that “rich” means money, but money is only one wavelength of what REAL wealth is.

In his book, Wattles speaks of true wealth in terms of having not just financial prosperity, but also in enjoying vibrant health, having fulfilling relationships with those around you, enjoying what you do for a living, and having greater time and money freedom.

How to stop comparing yourself to others

There is one mindblowing line in his book, in particular, that holds the key to creating the success you desire

“Learning to think truth in the presence of facts is some of the most rigorous and difficult thinking you’ll ever learn to do, and that’s why so few people ever do it.”

When I was first introduced to this book by my own mentor she highlighted this important line but I had no idea what he meant by, “the difference between truth and facts.”

Today, on a regular, repeated basis, I coach my clients to look at the so-called “facts” of their lives, and say,

“All right. The I facts are that I don’t have the money in my bank account that I’d like right now, or that I can’t see a way through whatever situation I find myself in at the moment. But what’s the TRUTH here?”

The truth is, you are far more powerful than any circumstance, condition or situation that you find yourself in, and you often have access to far more than you may realise in any given moment.

Perhaps you have something you can sell to generate the money you want, or you can give your time and talents to someone who will pay you for it. There are opportunities all around you to create what it is that you desire. THIS is the truth!


In addition to this transformational principle, there are four other key principles in The Science of Getting Rich:


1. Think in a certain way.

2. Act in a certain way.

3. Act in the spirit of gratitude.

4. Practice being a person of increase.

When we allow ourselves to think outside the box and into possibility, when we act as if what we desire has already happened, When walk through our life with an attitude of gratitude and practice being a person of increase you tap into the frequency of abundance and wealth.

“Everything is created twice – first in the mind and then in the reality”

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