Do you have your own New Year’s power word?  Or a New Year‘s mantra or affirmation that will help keep you motivated and inspired in the face of any challenge that may try to derail you from achieving your New Years resolution?

Your Wonder Woman cry to the Universe that no matter what … This is YOUR YEAR.

If you don’t have your own New Year’s power word or mantra yet keep reading because I am going to show you EXACTLY how to create your own power word, mantra or affirmation that speaks to your own soul and activates your own manifestation powers.

“Words are wands”

Words hold power, I know you know this because you speak to yourself every.single.minute and those words you say to yourself have power over you. I mean you only have to say chocolate cake or hot chips and you activate a free flow of saliva…Right? – Powerful

Words have power and invoke energy. It’s no mistake that spells, prayers, poems, mantras and affirmations have been used through centuries to change lives and worlds. The right words will help you activate the Law Of Attraction in your favour.

So as we begin this New Year let’s pick up our word wands and use them as they were intended …To create miracles and manifest desires.

How To Create Your own power word, Mantra or Affirmation

New Year's mantra

You can find mantras and affirmations almost everywhere and FYI not all of them are positive or helpful to you as you set out to make this year your best.

The best and most powerful of them come from you. When you design your own Wonder Woman roar…Sister, you will move the heavens and earth.

So now grab a pen, yep the sparkly one you couldn’t resist ( I too love a good stationery shopping spree) and paper or journal, take my hand and let’s get miracle-making

Step one: Own your dream and goal

What do you want to achieve this year?

Free write what you would love to achieve this year. Beware of any thoughts that pop up telling you that too hard, or not possible. If anything were possible (because it truly is) what would you love to achieve this year?

Step Two: Discover your weakness

In this step have a think about where are you the most challenged. Are you the type of person who gives up the moment it gets uncomfortable, do you struggle to focus. Or perhaps you are shy and that may prevent you from achieving your New Year’s goals and dreams. Write down where you are challenged.

Step Three: Who do you need to be?

Write down what kind of person you need to be to make this happen. Is it persistent, confident, resilient, patient, calm…?

Step Four: Create the feels

Now you know what you want to achieve, what may trip you up…and you know the kind of woman you need to be it’s time to decide how you want to feel this year.

Is it successful, confident in your body, belief in yourself, sexy, lovable, unstoppable

Every power word we use calls in our desires and generate a feeling and energy within. Choose words that make you feel big, unshakable and unstoppable…How do you want to feel?

Create your New Year’s Power word, Mantra or Affirmation

Let’s bring everything you’ve uncovered above together and create your power mantra/affirmation to propel you forward.

Create YOUR own powerful affirmation, Create a mantra that will jolt you forward through the day’s when self-doubt tries to creeps in, or when you are faced with challenges pushing you outside your comfort zone so that you DO ACHIEVE what you set out to achieve this year.

FYI: Make this a positive mantra/affirmation and use strong, powerful adjectives (a describing word for friends like me you had to think hard about what that was).

Use words that will inspire, motivate and cause you to keep taking action when the going gets tough you need it that kick up the arse.

motivational quotes

My New Year’s power word is …


My mantra/affirmation for 2020 is …

I am unshakeable, unstoppable and focused. I will succeed!

Now it’s your turn, PLUS  to give your word or mantra greater power share it with us over in the Firefly Tribe. Show the Universe that you mean business and don’t forget…

Make this year your best – Girl I believe in you xx

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