The secret to success is to call out your fear! If you don’t you will remain paralysed in non-action and that simply makes us unhappy.

Recently I’ve been looking at going back and doing more study. Stretching myself further to be able to help more women rise to achieve their goals and help families overcome challenges and pop out stronger. However, if I’m 100% honest with you I’m dragging my heels. I haven’t yet enrolled in my new course for fear. The secret to success is to call out your fear and clear your path to success.

Most of us drag our heels in life when we have fear nipping at our feet. And like you, I have fear’s that often paralyse me into not taking action. In this case, my fear is the fear of failing. Fear of not following through and finishing. Fear of not being smart enough to complete what is a very expensive and long degree.

The Secret To Success


The secret to success is to call out your fear. In my own example, the fear that has me paralysed is the result of a story that I am carrying around like an anchor around my ankles. Let’s go back down memory lane to when I was in high school. In English, I would write essays and get them back with more red writing on them than I had written in the first place.

My fear now is that the teachers will tell me my essays suck.

When I was in Uni I failed Genetics the first time and Pharmacology twice! – What if I fail subjects again. Another story from my past that is keeping me stuck.

When I was in my early twenties I signed up for a business degree with the intention of becoming an events planner – it sounded fun, however, it was only once I was one subject down I realised that this degree was not for me- so I quit.


I now carry this fear story around that I will quit one subject in.

These are some of the reasons I am dragging my heels. These are some of the stories I am carrying around with me…

You’re not smart, you fail at subjects, you’re a quitter – you’ll give up.

That was until my girlfriend called me out on my fears. In her words “ So Angela you’re not signing up to do this degree because of times you failed and gave up in the past OVER 25 years ago?” – good point. “You’re completely different now” – second good point.

These are stories from my past holding me back, however, they can also be flipped on their head and turned into learning opportunities, stories that empower me and motivate me into action. You can do the same for you stories that are keeping you paralysed.

Clear your path to success

To move forward and beyond our fear we need to clear our stories. For example whilst I gave up on the business course I actually re-aligned myself to a greater awareness of what it is I am passionate about – empowering others.

Yes, I failed Genetics and Pharmacology twice, but I passed them in the end with persistence. Not to mention I passed other hard subjects like Neuroscience, Anatomy and Human Behavioural Science first go (at this point I want to stick my tongue out at my inner mean girl)

You need to see the stories that your brain is using to keep you stuck based on your past and own them, re-frame them and create an affirmation that empowers you. Mine right now sounds something like “whatever happens I’m learning more about me which will only help me become an even better version of myself.

If you have stories that you are carrying around from your past that are holding you back, causing you to drag your heels on a decision- pause.

clear your fear

Call out your fears. What are you afraid is going to happen? What is the worst-case scenario that could unfold if you took the step you are not taking?

Clear the path to achieve success. Take a day or so to reframe and give these fears a different meaning. What could be the best thing that could manifest if you took action? What if you succeeded?. What positive learning came out of your past? What did you learn about yourself? What do you know from these stories do you need to have set up in place to help you succeed?.

For me it’s setting aside study time, asking for help from teachers when needed instead of holding back for fear of judgement.

Every time you call our your fears and stories for what they are, you step more and more into your power. You became stranger and more resilient. You become unstoppable, which sister, is exactly how I know you will succeed – Ang x

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