We have all heard and read those empowering quotes out there telling us to take back our power, but have you ever thought – heck what does that even mean? Me too, so I thought I would break it all down for you and pull back the curtains on what it means to step into your personal power.

Before I do we need to get honest with each other. Let’s face it, we all give our power away. We let our excuses hold us back, we let the opinions of others override our gut instincts …we even let our kids rule many of our decisions (insert shock , but it’s kind of true – right?). 

But have you ever wondered what it really looks like to take back your power. What does it really mean to take back ownership and step back into….you and all you were meant to be, do, have and create in this world? Let’s take a dive in.

What It Means To Step Into Your Personal Power


Stop looking outside of yourself. 

It starts here. You need to stop comparing your journey to someone else’s, wondering why you never seem to have it easier or have what you want whilst you still feel like you’re miles away from achieving your goal. 

We also need to stop looking outside of ourselves for validation. We need to become our own best cheerleader. Acknowledge all you have done. Because girl, if you are taking even the smallest of steps towards your goal, they all add up. 

Lean into possibility

It is really easy to let life’s chaos sweep us up especially when there is so much uncertainty around us. However for every moment that you feel chaotic flow is also possible

When you are in flow you magnetise what you desire towards you so much faster. Lean into more ease and joy within your day. Slow things down, only do what truly needs to be done and then put your feet up. Flow needs space to be created and that’s something you must do for you.


Trust in you and how powerful you are

This can feel big, I know, however knowing you can change your beliefs about yourself makes a difference in not only how you feel but your results. Start trusting that the goal or dreams you’re working towards is not only possible for you, but meant for you. If you can imagine it, it’s yours.

Listen to your intuition

The most powerful part of you is your ability to tap into your innate inner wisdom. Your true superpower. Listen to your intuition and nudges. Allow your voice to be heard, give yourself space. Give yourself permission to drop any masks you may be hiding behind (normally to please others) and be YOU. All of you. Daily look for things that you are thankful for, whilst daily asking for what you want and allow yourself to receive. 

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