Ohhhh mother, the number of times I have thought: “just quit, just give up… it’s too hard”.  Like when my business has not brought in the money to pay the bills or when breastfeeding felt more like torture than that earthly mother experience.​

Quitting seemed easier when I knew I could get a job and earn money without putting myself in too much danger of failure. Or when the dreams I would write in my journaling felt like they may never come to life. ​

I have entertained quitting on those mornings where it felt easier to sleep in, watch Netflix, eat doughnuts on the lounge rather than move my body, get myself up early to meditate, journal and create or put myself out there and give “my best life” a red hot go. ​

Quitting has so often dangled itself in front of me like the shiniest, most desired blingy option. At times quitting feels sooo much simpler. However, remember we are not united in simply settling for a “good enough” life or a “mediocre life”. We are united to live our best lives and to feel inspired and energised. We unite to show our kids what it looks like to follow your dreams. ​

How can we tell our kids they can be anything, create anything or achieve any dream they have imprinted on their hearts if we “mum leaders” of our little tribes aren’t willing to stand up tall, with our shoulders back, and do it for ourselves? You are here to inspire others and leave your own beautiful footprint and impact on this world. You are here to show your kids and those you love what it looks like to love life. You are NOT a quitter!​

When you feel like quitting is when you dig that little bit deeper and channel the ultimate coach within and give yourself a pep talk. The kind of pep talk that kicks your butt energetically, makes you remember your why and shifts your mindset and energy back into alignment with achieving your dreams.

Your Dreams Are Worth You Keeping On Going

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Hey, I’m Ang! Leading DreamBuilder coach, business success mentor, international best selling author The Messy Mum’s Playbook, mum and the founder of the Firefly Academy and Firefly DreamBuilder.

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