Over the years I’ve come to discover that there are times when we are not at our best when it comes to making decisions. You may already know this from you own decision making experiences.

However, here is the breakdown of when it’s not the right time to make big decisions

When is the wrong time to make decisions.

 When you’re in an emotional state and all worked up in feelings

When you’re hungry

When you’re tired 

When you’re rushing from one thing to another 

During a pandemic or any other stressful life event 

During a difficult season in your life.


Big decisions often can’t be changed, especially when we make them from these places. Our logic brain can’t be accessed when we are in times of high emotions. 

So if you have a big decision to make, try this: 

Write down on a piece of paper what the decision needs to be around 

Read it, see if anything comes to you that isn’t wrapped up in emotions. Write that down. 

If nothing comes to you that’s ok. 

Put the paper in your drawer or on the fridge and let your body and mind access the information you need. 

The answers will come.  Give yourself the space  to allow them to come. And all the time in the world.

And when they do you will know if that is the right decision. 

when is the wrong time to make decisions

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