Why you feel deflated when you see others succeed. Picture this. You are on Instagram full of passion to build a successful business and instantly within your feed pops up another shiny seemingly perfect women all achieving what you desire and you feel deflated

Perhaps you’re on a health journey and you see others all looking amazing sticking to their green juice cleanse celebrating their wins. Looking at them with their vibrant skin and big smile you feel bummed. 

I know this happens. It’s happened to me more times than I wish I had to admit. It happens to all of us. At least those who tell the truth. That bummed, deflated feeling is our brains trying to protect us. 

WHAT?!? Yes, your brain is trying to protect you and here how. 

Why you feel deflated when you see others succeed


When you see this woman who has achieved what you’re trying so hard to achieve pops up in your feed normally our reaction is to judge her. Not because you’re a horrible judgy person. But because it’s not your face in the feed. So your brain throws up all these reasons why she has succeeded. Reasons that make you feel better about yourself. 

This may sound like..” She’s doing amazing things but she has that because she is ____”. (Insert your reason…she has a large following, she has support from her partner, her kids sleep better or whinge less so it’s easier for her..yada, yada… yada)

It’s in the moment when you feel deflated your brain fires up and says “I’ve got you”. And…so that you never get judged secretly holds you back giving you tonnes of ways to keep you in fear, procrastination or just doing “busy” stuff so that you aren’t achieving hence putting yourself out there to be judged. 


So what can you do?


1: In this moment when you notice yourself judging another person, stop and breathe. Centre your body and bring back all those thoughts and energy and focus back to your power centre. That point within you that follows your breathe. 

2: See this example of what’s possible in front of you that’s being presented by this woman and thank her for showing you that you can too. 

We are all allowed to feel strong, sexy, powerful, beautiful and unstoppable. 

We are all allowed to experience love, freedom and wealth 


you feel deflated when you see others succeed

See yourself in her, thank her and ask yourself these pivotal transformational questions 

What actions can I replicate? 

What beliefs can I adopt as mine?

What can I remove from my life that is keeping me stuck?

What can I do more of that will propel me forward?

Then with these answers create a plan, do the new actions with love and consistency. Create habits and behaviours that will help and support you and remember 

Everyone you see someone else doing and having all you desire …

Celebrate her…thank her…she is reminding you of all that is possible for you too. 

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