Working from home tips for mums. Because let’s be real, it isn’t as fun as we all hoped it would be.

You got the news that from now until who knows when you would have to work from home. And the icing on the cake was that the kids, well they would be at home too.

Part of you felt giddy inside. How great was it that there were no more school lunches to make? No more arguing with the kids that ‘yes’ they must go to school and would they please hurry up and get dressed.

Were you like me and thought that it would be like every family TV show in the 80s! Kids happily working, house shining clean and you…well your hair always looking amazing!

But that hasn’t happened has it? There are no kids smiling at the table with their heads down getting their work done.

When you look into the kitchen it doesn’t sparkle back at you. And hair, (let’s not go there).

It’s hard-working from home with kids. It sucks! We get less done, we feel more pressure because we get less done and there’s that little voice in your head telling you that the answer is in the pantry. So you eat or drink or nap.

Sister, step away from the pantry and let’s take some of that pressure away. Let’s get you some working from home tips for mums to make the whole ride easier and less calorie filled.

Working from home tips for mums

working from home

Tip One: Write a list

This is the best. Write a list that only has three things on it. The first being what must get done. Then second, what would be great if it got done and the third, nice to get it done however would be ok if it didn’t. The reason this works is that we can feel overwhelmed when we have a long list. Often we get stuck procrastinating instead of actually completing. When your to-do list is short you set yourself up for success and achievement.

I recommend writing this list before you clock off the day before. Think of it like your handover sheet.

Tip Two: Don’t check emails until after lunch

Checking your emails can lead you into 2 pm without actually getting any work done. Think of it like this. Every time you check your emails you are working on someone else’s agenda. Do what you must do first and then dive into that never-ending stream of emails.

Tip Three: You time

Before you laugh out loud and spit your coffee all over the table, hear me out. Be sure to carve out a little alone time. Even if it means taking extra long time in the bathroom washing your hands. Forget singing happy birthday, sing the entire ABBA catalogue (I know you know it). Point being, that when our kids did go to school we would have at least a small nugget of time where we weren’t feeling pulled, pushed and prodded. You must create that nugget now they’re at home.

Tip Four: Lower your standards.

This idea may make your teeth rattle (fellow overachievers I stand with you) however let’s face it, the kids leave their crap everywhere. I read recently that cleaning your house whilst the kids are at home is like brushing your teeth whilst eating Oreos. So lower your standards a little. Let the mess be, or my favourite trick is to set out a washing basket for each kid and make it their end of the day job to dump all their things laying around in it.

Tip Five: Give yourself credit.

Most of us mums are super hard on ourselves. We think that if cousin Joanne has it all together with her tribe then you should too. However we are all different and as for Joanne, maybe she stuffs her crap into a cupboard – out of sight, out of mind.

Remember that you are doing the best you can with what you have got. That you were never trained in how to parent, teach and work all whilst keeping your toilet sparkling like a Harpic ad. You are doing great and this too shall pass.

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