Challenge Description

I have created a proven manifestation formula.

It is tailor-made for busy women (like you) who are tired of having their inbox full of empty promises.

One of my biggest struggles was keeping up the momentum. I was raising 3 kids, running a business, and trying to keep the flame alive in my fizzling relationship. I felt defeated and confused. I began to consider that maybe I wasn’t destined for success after all. I know it sounds whiney, but that’s really how I felt. 

I thought I had put all the work in, but I wasn’t getting, achieving, or receiving. It sucked arse. Then, it hit me. (Right on the noggin) I needed to find the missing pieces of the manifestation puzzle.

If you know you’ve put all the work in and still aren’t seeing the results, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. You owe it to yourself to manifest all you desire in your life. And, in fact, you can get results faster (AND with less effort) than you’ve ever thought possible.

Get Ready to Start Manifesting

I am living the life I always wanted, now it’s your turn.

Shake Up Your Greatness is a fun, inspiring, and easy guide which teaches you to start manifesting like a WARRIOR PRINCESS.

You will see and feel PROGRESS as early as tomorrow morning.

What to expect

  • Less anxiety about if you’re “doing it right”

  • Less confusion about the Law of Attraction

  • Fewer Challenges and Stresses in your day

  • More energy, clarity, confidence, and peace of mind

You’ll learn

  • Creating boundaries and Feeling Confident in Decision Making

  • Magnetizing your dreams using Vision Boards

  • Aligning your energy and vibration with your dreams and desires

  • Developing sacred spaces to increase your Magnetic Attraction


Instantly unlock 2 Bonus Manifestation Audio Files that helped me call in more love, more opportunities, and more money.

Hell yeah! Snagging this deal!

You’re ready to feel confident and clear every day. You want to learn the most POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE, and EFFICIENT ways to manifest ALL you desire.

A Quick Reminder!


You dream big and you’re tired of following others. You would rather play by your own rules.

What Are You Waiting For?

Click the damn button!

Need some more proof?

“But will it work, Ang??,” You might ask.

I have worked with hundreds of women struggling with issues just like yours, striving for goals just like yours.

I have seen women manifest:

  • New bar stools in 3 days

  • A trip to Fiji in 3 months

  • A new life partner

  • A new career in 1 year

  • $6,000 cash in 1 day

These mums are no different from you. They just had access to the right Tool Box.

Ready to master the Law of Attraction?
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