Do you have BIG DREAMS?

Does self-doubt or those heavy feelings of not being “good” enough hold you back and you would love to feel complete, standing in your strength knowing exactly how to make your dreams a reality?

Join us in the Firefly Academy, the only membership created to help you ditch the guilt, self-doubt, burn-out and people-pleasing role you’ve been stuck in and shift you into being a Powerful Queen who sets boundaries, loves, values, nurtures herself and is ready now to manifest her dreams…with LOVE.

The Academy is your community filled with like-minded women where together we cover all things mindset, energy, manifestation AND so much more.

It’s time YOU unlocked your life and became the most confident & happy woman you know filled with positive energy living a ridiculously inspired life she loves.

Become a Firefly Academy Sister

Are you ready to release:

  • Feelings of Fear keeping you small and invisible
  • Feelings of Anxiety or Worry making you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders
  • Feelings of Being Unworthy preventing you from enjoying your life
  • Tired of the relentless monotony of everyday life making you feel heavy and restless

And replace them with:

  • Clarity around your goals and desires
  • Confident, Calm & Grounded feeling in control of your life
  • Abundance Mindset that supports you in achieving your goals and desires
  • To unlocking the flow of wealth & abundance that’s waiting for you to CLAIM!

And have ALL the tools and support you need to re-discovering the best parts of yourself and making your goals and dreams a REALITY.

Well you’re in the right place, gorgeous.

Your life CAN change, and it WILL

You have the roadmap to:

Firefly Academy Group Mentoring Lifestyle Coaching

You will learn to:

Become a Firefly Academy Sister

FireFly Academy

A monthly coaching program, unlike ANYTHING you have ever experienced.

Tailor-made to fit your busy lifestyle, Firefly Academy gives you ALL the tools you need to take back control of your emotions, harness the power of your mind and have you revved up and ready for anything!


So you can UPLEVEL and ENHANCE every area of your life!

Not only has this worked for me, but hundreds of women have experienced this, proved the recipe to be a dang good one, and completely changed their lives!

‘Angela’s approach to overcoming my procrastination, fears and anxiety was life-changing. Having seen the results from myself, I only want to share. Firefly Academy will get you closer to your goals than ever before – Pure brilliance!’


The Firefly Academy is for you!

You belong here if you:
  • Struggle to switch off your mind

  • Overthink and feel overwhelmed

  • Feel directionless or unbalanced

  • Know that feeling of not feeling “good enough” and self-doubt often holds you back

  • Need to rediscover the real you

  • Are tired of not seeing results manifest in your life

  • Procrastinate and need guidance with time management & accountability

  • Know you need to make positive changes, but need guidance and a go-to program that you can follow

Girl, I see you.

I have been where you are and I was BORN to show you the road back to you, love, and ABUNDANCE!

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The Firefly Academy is not a course, it’s not a class, it’s a community, a sisterhood without the thousand dollar price tag – and the next best thing to working with me 1:1.

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The Firefly Academy Includes

This is NOT what you’ve done or tried before…

This is something new, something different, and something that works if you put the work in.

It’s like a gym membership- you get what you put into it.

I make joining a complete no-brainer (because between you and me I truly want you to create a life you love) I have kept the price at a super low $49/month with no lock-in contract.

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