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Are you tired of feeling dragged down by crippling self-doubt?

 Would you love to release your feelings of fear, worry and unworthiness - and instead replace them with the clarity, confidence and abundance mindset that will propel you forward to achieve your goals and dreams? 

You're in the right place, it's time you gave yourself permission to...

reclaim your confidence to ask for what you need and get what you deserve 

Shift your energy to become a super attractor having greater time and freedom to spend with those you love doing what lights you up most

expand your possibilities and Feel present and grounded  knowing that your success is inevitable - because it is!

Your dreams matter

let's make them a reality together

You owe it to yourself to take the first step toward making your dreams a reality whilst at the same time free yourself of overwhelm, crippling self-doubt and feelings of not enough-ness.

You have dreams and just don't know how to make them happen in these fast paced, ever changing times of uncertainty and challenge -Right?

You feel like you take one step forward only to fall 10 steps back and it's starting to make you doubt yourself, your worthiness and abilities 

Not knowing how to navigate through these difficult emotions and release yourself from the past and your inner voice of doubt and her limiting beliefs can be really damn hard.

But it could be the ONE reason you are not achieving your goals and living the life you want.

But what if it didn't have to be hard? 

What if your life really could feel different (like insanely different), filled with purpose, love, abundance and so much more ease?


Introducing the Firefly Academy

The Firefly academy is a monthly group coaching program to help you take back control so that you uplevel every area of  your life.

Not sure if this the right fit for you?

I know how difficult it is to find a program that you feel suits you. I totally get it, take a big beautiful exhale because you belong here.

Does this sound like you?

You Feel like you can't switch off your mind from overthinking and feeling overwhelmed 

- You feel like you've lost your direction and you don’t even recognise yourself in the mirror anymore 

- You feel so trapped in life's chaos and all the emotions of worry and frustration that it's hard to feel grounded or present

- You feel like you have lost your motivation and spark you know you need to make the positive changes you want 

If right now you are nodding  your head or perhaps have a tear in your eye because you finally feel heard. 

I see you, I've been where you are and I know you want to:

Quiet the inner voices of doubt, worry, judgment and criticism, you're ready to release the weight of old self-sabotaging patterns

Wake up every day feeling energised, refreshed, light and excited for the day ahead - you always have the time to do all that bring you joy and happiness

You want to develop unshakeable confidence in yourself and your own abilities (for perhaps the first time ever)

You're ready to discover how to stay on track to achieve your goals and make all your wildest dreams a reality

✔ You want to feel deeply connected and present in your relationships 

 You want to feel empowered to rise above the challenges of your life, put self-sabotaging habits behind you with the help of a personal coach to guide you step-by-step without forking out thousands of dollars.


You are the designer of your life.

The Firefly Academy makes it super simple for you to transform your life one step at a time. 

 We cover stuff like:

How to create the results you want even when fear and overwhelm is trying to keep you crippled ( learn all the secrets to getting UNSTUCK!)

⚈  How to add meaning and feel more purposeful in your life (so that you start feeling like you again)

How to connect back with your intuition, your enough-ness and self-trust (because sister - you're freaking amazing in case you forgot)

How to strengthen your most important relationships so you start feeling appreciated, seen and heard

How to create more time and money freedom in your life so that you can get back to spending it with those who matter  most

How to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your greatest dreams into reality

Take a peek at just some of the goodness waiting for you inside the Firefly Academy 

Training Modules

 Short, actionable video and audio modules to help you improve your skills to create a great life.

Mentoring Calls

Twice monthly coaching calls with your fellow Firefly Tribe members. Dive into training and meditations, together. Talk through the tough stuff.  

24 Hour Support

  A private Facebook group where you can share your wins and seek help with challenges.

VIP Portal

Access to all audio, video and written resources from the Life Mastery DreamBuilder Program. Over 40 hours of content to dive into.


Emails to keep you engaged and motivated so your membership doesn’t become a dust collector.

Mindset Meditations

 Cutting-edge meditations designed to expand your intuition and help you thrive.

You'll walk away from each training session: confident, connected, and motivated.

Join today and get your hands on the best mum life-hacks, manifestation  tools, mindset up-grades and life-mastery skills that will change your life forever

Seriously, you can transform EVERY area of your life. And . . .You don't even have to change out of your cozy clothes .

Don't waste another year or another night laying awake wishing you knew the next step to take to create the changes you need.

Make it happen. You deserve it! 

What Kind Of Woman Is The Firefly Academy Designed for? 

The women who get the most from the Firefly Academy are those who are prepared to be vulnerable,  listen to advice and ready to roll up their sleeves and take action. 

This is for YOU if  you're ready to jump off the treadmill of overwhelm and chaos and start feeling greater confidence, calm and that empowered that - You start seeing the results you once thought wasn't possible..

'Angela's approach to overcoming my procrastination, fears and anxiety was life-changing. Having seen the results from myself, I only want to share. Firefly Academy will get you closer to your goals than ever before - Pure brilliance!' - Paula


There's more!

I’ve just added some brand-new extras which are designed to make it even easier for you to strengthen your manifestation muscles.

 Firefly Academy is all about helping you to build THAT life, and I’m determined to make this as simple as possible. 

All these bonuses are immediately available to you inside the members area.


1. Charting Your Course

An energetically charged training to keep you creating results years down the track.

2. Manifestation Album

Awaken you manifestation powers and ignite the possibilities in front of you. 

3. Self-Doubt Eliminator Tool Kit

A set of tools to help you rewire your subconscious mind and banish self-doubt once and for all.

4.  NEW training on overcoming anxiety

You have access to over an hour of coaching and tools that work within 90 seconds to help you on the days when anxiety threatens to derail you 

5. how to use the 5 love languages to better your relationships

Hands down when you know your love language and the love language of those who matter most to you, your life will expand and finally you will feel seen, heard and appreciated 

that's just a snapshot of some of what's available to you as an Academy member  

100% money back guarantee

Why? Because this program has worked for many mums just like you already.  

 Try the Firefly Academy.  If  you don’t feel like I’ve delivered, ask for a refund. You never know until you try!

The success you want is standing on the other side of old habits. The trick to overcoming those nasty limiting habits? Having someone on your team who knows what they're talking about  and actually gives a shit about you. That's me. That's Firefly Academy.

I’ll lead you step-by-step. You'll make progress - and that’s why I guarantee it.

Things you need to know​​​​​​​​​​

1. Once you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email. This will give you immediate access to the Firefly VIP DreamBuilder portal, plus you'll have immediate access to the private Firefly Academy FB community.

2. 2x per month, you'll have access LIVE life changing trainings. I alternate between daytime coaching sessions and evening sessions all on AEST. There is ALWAYS a replay of the training in case you can't join us live.

3. Every week you will receive the motivation and accountability you need so that this program doesn't become yet another dust collector 

4. Cancel, anytime! If you're not totally in love with the membership you can cancel, no questions asked. 

 time to create the life you’ve always dreamed of 

all it takes to start creating the life you’ve always wanted is one click of a button!


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