Imagine…finally knowing once and for all how to get ALL YOU WANT, more time, more joy, more money and more love + support without struggle and sacrifice 

The Firefly Academy

For the woman who wants to take ownership of her life, live unapologetically happy and READY to turn her dreams into reality


The Firefly Academy is your secret to taking bold action, feeling confident within yourself and creating the life you always wanted in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Get instant access to the proven, repeatable and reliable Healing, Law Of Attraction and DreamBuilder system filled with the MOST effective techniques and formula sto attract anything you want in your life and unlock you to your fullest potential.

Includes the DreamBuilder formula, healing meditations and hypnosis tracks, proven manifestation practices and emotional freedom tools, EVERYTHING you need to create the life you are being called to create.


This is for you if you’re ready to…


✔️ Increase your self-love and experience deep worthiness and purpose

✔️ Start following your heart setting goals and intentions that attract miracles instead of pushing them away

✔️ Begin experiencing deeper, more fulfilling trusting relationships where you are seen, heard and valued

✔️ Move beyond fear and create a life where you get to be all of you, proud and without apology,

✔️ Live a life where abundance just flows effortlessly, you experience better health, increased wealth and happiness and you live your life in the zone of manifesting miracles


You’re being called to rise up, choose you and…


Say YES to yourself


If your serious about making positive change and READY to uplevel all areas of your life, learning how to call in all your desires, shift all the ways you keep yourself stuck and live an unapologetically wealthy life this is the place to be!


Not sure if it’s for you? Let me ask…

Are you ready to release:

  • Feelings of Fear keeping you small and break free of self-sabotage, overcome old limiting beliefs, and stop unhealthy habits
  • The nagging unshakable worry, anxiety and self doubt
  • Heavyness of feeling unworthy and consumed by fear of rejection, failure, or abandonment
  • You’ve reached some level of success but you long ofr more

And replace them with:

  • Constant clarity around your purpose and passions always knowing what steps to take to see you achieve your goals
  • Create life changing habits so you always feel confident, calm and in control of your emotions and energy
  • Healthy boundaries to heal or improve your relationships so you feel heard, understood, and deeply connected
  • Unlocking the secret to your own source of abundance so you can manifest and receive more money, time freedom, or opportunities;

Here is what I know…


You are FAR more powerful and stronger than ANY life circumstance.

You were born to thrive, to achieve your highest potential, to live with love, energy and vibrancy, to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

It would be my privilege to invite you into The Firefly Academy

This is a life changing experience to massively uplevel your life, your wellbeing and your relationships in the easiest and fastest way possible

You will get the proven and predictable success formula and ALL the tools, practices and mentoring you need to manifest your wildest dreams

Change can be scary, but The Academy is where we make it fun, fast and easy

It’s your turn to create an incredible rich and rewarding life you love


What to expect using the proven Firefly DreamBuilder system


Firefly Academy Group Mentoring Lifestyle Coaching

You will learn to:

FireFly Academy

The Firefly Academy was tailor-made to fit your busy lifestyle, giving you ALL the tools you need to take back control of your emotions, harness the power of your mind, knowing exactly how to manifest what you want and start each day with a sense of purpose and ending each day feeling fulfilled and overflowing with joy.


Inside are over 31 groundbreaking modules on how to manifest miracles with ease (including the DreamBuilder system), how to shift your energy, potent meditations …

Healing/clearing audios to balance your emotions and heal your soul.

This transformational program give you everything you need to reclaim your mojo and purpose so that YOU live the life you were meant to live.

If you’re ready to learn how to rapidly manifest what you want in the fastest and easiest way possible – this is the program for you.

Ever since I was a small girl, my dream was to help others feel amazing and unlock their potential.

I followed my heart and went on to study medicine, the physiology and then nutrition and holistic methods of healing however…It wasn’t until my own life came to a halt that I truly stepped into this work.


With three young children, a crumbling marriage and suffering from anxiety, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was meant for more. So I decided to follow my heart and listen to my intuition.


I went on to study with some of the biggest names in personal development and success coaching. I rebuilt my marriage, healed my past, moved beyond my anxiety, wrote a best selling book, built two successful businesses and changed my entire life – from the inside out


I knew then that I wanted to find a way to reach even more people and make a much larger difference and impact


I know how to get results through shifting your mindset. energy and harnessing your natural ability to manifest and I believe it is my purpose in life to teach as many people as possible that they too can create a life they love


Not only has this worked for me, but hundreds of women have experienced this, proved the recipe to be a dang good one, and completely changed their lives!

‘Angela’s approach to overcoming my procrastination, fears and anxiety was life-changing. Having seen the results from myself, I only want to share. Firefly Academy will get you closer to your goals than ever before – Pure brilliance!’


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the investment?

    This program is valued at well over $3,000.00, however here on this page you get instant access to ALL 31 modules for ONLY $497. Plus payment plans are available.

  • I don’t have a lot of time..

    Yep, I get it. Life is super busy. Mine too and that’s why you get instant lifetime access to EVERYTHING so you can take it at your own pace

  • Do I have lifetime access to everything?

    Yes! Once you join you get lifetime access to the entire program and any updates. Plus special VIP pricing to all other programs

  • What happens once I join?

    Once you join you will immediately be sent an email to set up your ThriveCart membership portal with all the trainings, audios, meditations and DreamBuilder system.

  • Is there live training and mentoring?

    Not with this program, however I do occasionally open this up as a live program with coaching. When I do, as a VIP you will be the first to know and get special pricing

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Due to the nature of this work there is no money back guarantee however you can check out the testimonials and see the incredible results. This works if you work it, PLUS that’s why we have live coaching to help you stay on track

  • What if I fail and it doesn’t work for me?

    Girlfriend, that is your inner mean girl trying to sabotage you. What I know for sure is failure is certain when you stop trying. Plus that’s why we have fortnightly live Q&A to keep you moving forward breaking old patterns and habits

  • Is this a business program?

    Not really. We don’t cover business strategy inside this mentorship however the mindset and energetic principles taught have helped me more than double my income. This program is to help you create the life you love in ALL areas that you choose to focus on. If you want business based mentoring you would best look at The Wealthy Woman Unlocked or The Empowered Feminine Leader programs

  • Is there 1:1 coaching?

    No not in this container. You would need to reach out to me for more information on how we can work 1:1 together



The Firefly Academy is not a course, it’s not a class, it’s a life-changing experience showing you EXACTLY how to create the dream life you always wanted but never thought you could

The Firefly Academy Includes

Create a life you love


The Firefly Academy is something new, something different, and something that works!



Let me help you stop spinning around in circles feeling like you’re going nowhere.

Let’s put an end to settling for “Good” when “Exceptional” is waiting for you. Let me help you unlock all the power you have within to create the realities you desire

You are destined for success and here is where you learn how to make it happen

I am committed to you creating a life you love living!


So go ahead and say “YES” to your dreams, and “YES” to a proven system and a support structure for designing a life of greater love, happiness, abundance and fulfillment!


Click on the button below now, and let’s get you started!