Today, we’re diving into a lesson that’s absolutely crucial for anyone looking to create a business that not only thrives but also aligns with their core values and passions. Imagine running a business that feels as natural as sipping your morning coffee—how amazing would that be?

The key to creating a thriving venture that feels like a dream come true.

The All-Important Lesson 🌟

Let’s start with a truth bomb that should be etched into every entrepreneurial heart: If you’re building or running a business without a clear sense of purpose, it’s time to hit the brakes and reflect on who you genuinely want to help. It’s all about choosing the right audience and harmonising with your values, and that’s the secret sauce to building a business you’ll not only love but also find incredibly easy.

But you might be wondering, “How on earth do I figure out who my ideal audience is?”

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Check Your Business Feelings

Your business should be like a magnetic force, pulling you in with enthusiasm and eagerness, not a burdensome weight that drags you down. If you constantly find yourself worried or drained when thinking about your business, it’s a clear sign that something needs to change.

When you genuinely care about your customers, you’ll notice an overflowing desire to help them. You’ll have an abundance of energy, always ready to give your best without feeling depleted.

And when it comes to defining your ideal audience, don’t restrict your thinking to just the topic of your business. Think about the passions your ideal clients share and values you want your customers to embody—this is what I fondly refer to as building a “soul audience.”


The Power of a “Soul Audience”

A “soul audience” consists of people who not only love what you offer, and shar similar passions and you they also deeply resonate with the values you hold dear. Working with these individuals makes your work enjoyable and feels almost effortless. Your passions combined with your values are like your personal GPS system, guiding your life and work choices. To uncover them, ponder these questions…

What genuinely sparks your interest?

What world issues ignite a fire in your belly?

How do you love spending your free time?

Who inspires you in the online world?

What motivates you to take action every day?

Who are the individuals you admire, and what qualities in them resonate with you?

When do you feel most authentic and true to yourself?

Scribble down your thoughts as they pop into your head. These combined will help you a clear picture of the types of people your business is ideally suited to help. Remember, building a business that resonates with your passion and values is the key to creating a thriving venture that feels like a dream come true.

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