Our Clients Say

Kelly, QLD

“I never realised that with a mentor like Angela, I could create change AND have fun along the way, I cannot put into words the value I received from this program and the gift that Angela has in re-programming the mind whilst helping me become fearless in the pursuit of my dreams- Thank You Angela x


Rebecca, Texas

“When I first stumbled across Angela Firefly, I had hit rock bottom. I felt emotionally empty and spent most nights lying awake wondering what. the meaning and purpose of my life was. After the first session with Angela, I cried tears of joy. I finally felt understood instead of judged – and Angela’s energy was infectious. She has helped me reclaim my identity and inner confidence!”



“This program is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to be seen and feel inspired to create change with confidence, generate greater results in their career and finally feel comfortable being themselves “


Lauren, VIC

“After years in the corporate industry, I was burnt-out mentally, emotionally exhausted at the end of every day and didn’t feel confident. Today, after working with Angela – I am a different woman. I now run my own business from home, have met my soulmate and feel amazing in my body and mind every day! Thanks for believing in me, Ang!’ 


Michelle, ACT

“Since being in the Firefly program I have learnt so much about myself and I am now learning to love myself, I am so grateful to have found Angela she has changed my life. Your energy is awesome. You are in the perfect Job Angela – Thank you.”


Sharon, NSW

“Angela helped me work through my PTSD, anxiety and lack of self-belief. She listened to me – and then customised strategies to help me leave a toxic relationship, create a new career path and step into a newly found confidence. I can’t recommend Angela highly enough”



“Working with Angela is one of the best things I have ever done. There’s no ego, no judgement. Angela is a teacher full of integrity. She genuinely cares about your success and I love the crazy intensity she brings to all her coaching sessions!’ 


Melanie, NSW

”Firefly LifeCoaching has truly been amazing, supportive, insightful, and caring throughout my transition from my corporate career. I first contacted Ang when I was looking  to navigate a career change, balance family and regain lost confidence along the way. Ang guided me through this transition and gave me the tools I needed to look within, without and connect with the right opportunities. I can’t recommend Ang enough”


Melissa, WA

‘Do yourself a favour – the coaching call I had with Angela helped me realise that I was giving too much of my power to others, leaving me feeling upset and exhausted. Thank you Angela, for teaching me tools to keep me feeling safe and confident.