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Become An Awakened Sales Goddess

Perfect for the woman who is tired of the sleepless nights worrying about money + long hours chasing down clients and instead….

Is ready for more dream clients, more money and more freedom in her business from a place that feels good, easy and fun!

Inside this program I am handing you both the practical strategies AND the transformational spiritual/energetic practices that will have you…

Manifest and Magnetise more dream clients + more money without feeling one-bit sleazy, sales-y or desperate.

Start today for $37 Instead of paying $495!

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Picture this…

You’re sitting in your favourite coffee shop with your best friend smiling from ear to ear


You have mastered your unique sales method and now have consistent cash flow in your business


Your courses fill with ease


Your products sell like hotcakes plus


You have a steady stream of dream clients banging down the doors to work with you..


It all feels so easy, so natural and the best news is…

It’s all possible for you now!

Angela Bullock BSc
I’m In! Let’s Get started!

What’s inside The Awakened Sales Goddess

  • How to enrol High-Ticket clients WITHOUT sales calls (YEP never do one again if you don’t enjoy them!)
  • How to attract and call in paying clients from a place of confidence, ease, and flow
  • Enrol paying dream clients using my Magnetic sales script for selling in the DM’s or on sales calls (always know what to say feeling confident)
  • How to sell with soul in DM’s, social media content, emails & Instagram using my plug and play scripts
  • Know EXACTLY how to overcome money objections without feeling desperate
  • Clear away old money blocks and limiting beliefs – Embody your powerfully feminine energy of attraction + wealth
  • Step into your 6 figure CEO self who is confident, charges her worth, and never second-guesses herself
  • We leave no stone unturned in guiding you to achieve your goals with video + audio trainings, swipe files, journal prompts, meditations, energetic clearing exercises + manifestation tools
  • BONUS access to my complete 4-day Money Love challenge to help you change your relationship with money and receiving more (this ALONE is worth the price of this program)

Ready to skyrocket your sales so that you have MORE consistent cash flow and time with those you love? YESS!!!

I’m In! Let’s Get started!

Hear from fellow Awakened Sales Goddesses!

Crazy Fact!

You can make more sales today by watching cat videos, dancing to your favourite music …even taking a nap.

That’s because sales is more than strategy


Selling is a soulful combination of practical strategies and spiritual manifesting, mindset and energetic practices.


I am handing you EVERYTHING you need inside The Awakened Sales Goddess so that you can make more sales, master your mindset and energy + create more freedom in your life

What You Need To Know

The Awakened Sales Goddess is not for everyone. It just isn’t. And I am 100% ok with that


  • I have put tonnes of value and content inside this program so that you have everything you need at your finger-tips to master your energy, money mindset and strategies. If you only want part of the puzzle this isn’t for you
  • I have created this transformational program inside a private Facebook group so that you never have to remember another password + to make it all easy for you to get your hands on
  • I have made the ASG super affordable because I believe that EVERY woman deserves to have an overflow of clients in her business and money in her bank account

When a woman makes money she creates love, joy + impact and that includes you!

It’s your turn to attract more soulmate clients without the fears, second guessing or using icky strategies

I’m Ready To Make More Sales!
Tell me more!

The Awakened Sales Goddess


Let Me Guess…


You love your business, it’s your souls mission but..

You’re stuck in a spin cycle of second guessing yourself because most of the clients you have been attracting want discounts, want something added for free or worse don’t honour your time and boundaries

Perhaps currently you are in the middle of a client drought wondering why others make sales look easy. Despite working yourself to the point of burn-out doing “everything” you’ve been told to do, you have crickets.

Now you’re at the point where sales (at least the way you have been told to sell) feel icky, sleazy, hard…they just plain suck!!!


What you really want is sales to feel easy, simple and even fun.


  • You’re ready to fill your courses and programs to the brim.
  • You’re ready to see your products fly off the shelf.
  • You’re ready to say yes to more dream clients, more money and more freedom!

Sister you’re not alone, I get it. I was once in exactly the same place.


Here is what you need to know


There is nothing wrong with you and you don’t need to work around the clock to make more sales. It’s simply that you haven’t discovered your unique heart centred method of selling that you love.

Despite what you have been told or read you aren’t required to cold pitch in the DM’s, fill your calendar with free “discovery” sessions in the hope you can convince people to work with you.

You do not need to undercut your prices, follow up every lead with constant emails or messages, pose semi naked on Insta or hide your prices


There is a much easier more aligned way!


You can enrol dream soulmate clients, you can increase your sales and YOU CAN make more money than you ever thought possible without feeling like you’re selling your soul or integrity – Selling gets to feel easy, fun and natural.


Let’s Do This! I’m Ready TO MAKE SALES EASY!!

.Let’s fast forward a little


I hated the hard selling techniques that all the coaches taught. The fear would rise up and I’d feel guilt, stress, shame, and embarrassment. – I’m sure you know what I mean.

Every coach I had worked with told me I had to cold call leads, slide into the DMs like a creepy stalker or open up my calendar to strangers and hopefully convince them to work with me. (FYI I hated that the most because the freedom I was wanting to create was taken away)

When that didn’t work I would drop my prices because maybe that was the problem. To be honest it was a shit show inside my head.

Then I had my line in the sand moment. I realised that I’d missed almost all of the summer holidays with my kids because I was either working feeling resentful about being underpaid, on another free discovery call with my fingers crossed that this would be the “one (so much pressure) or trapped behind my laptop waiting in hope that this wouldn’t be another “no show”.

I hated it all. I wanted to display my prices. I wanted to feel worthy. I wanted to charge what I knew my work and products was worth…

I wanted to change lives.


And then I figured it out. Thank goodness, if I hadn’t I think I would have given up on my dreams.


I started to realise that all along I had been giving my power away to sales strategies that didn’t align to me.

I had believed the voice of others over my own inner voice of intuition.

I had given way too much attention to my inner mean girl and her doubts and I had a heap of money blocks that needed some work.

Once I figured all of this out. I stopped doing all the stuff I hated. I implemented the spiritual energetic soul work, removed the money blocks and gave myself permission to sell the way I loved.

That’s when my results skyrocketed.


Selling became easy, I learned to trust my intuition and the money and clients started rolling in.


Here is the truth


Selling is an act of deep service and a soulful combination of practical strategies, mindset mastery and transformation spiritual/energetic practices and each is unique to you.

That’s why I’m excited you’re here. Inside The Awakened Sale Goddess is everything you need to attract more empowered clients, discover your unique method of making more sales and create greater freedom


The best part about all of this…It doesn’t matter if you sell products, services or programs this works!


Let’s Paint Your New Reality


  • You’ve started having consistent sales, you have dream clients reaching out to work with you like magic, heck they are almost selling themselves to you
  • You wake up in the morning with email notifications that 4 new people have joined your course
  • You open up your calendar over your morning coffee to see it filled with dream clients
  • You’re excited for Monday’s because you now only work when you want and still have consistent cash flow
  • You are smiling ear to ear because you are finally hitting your income goals from a space of ease and flow and are now making the impact you knew you were always meant to make

Feels good RIGHT, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?


That’s why I’m so freaking excited…


Inside The Awakened Sales Goddess you’ll get lifetime access to EVERYTHING you need the practical strategies AND the transformational spiritual/energetic practices to see you fill your programs, sell your products, sign up 1:1 dream clients + overcome money objections & blocks without feeling one-bit sleazy, pushy or desperate

I’m even breaking down how I enrol high ticket clients without sales calls. Yep I actually display my prices with pride. You can too!


Are you ready to say Yes to more dream clients, more money and more freedom? YES!!

Let’s Do This! I’m Ready TO MAKE SALES EASY!!


Still not sure if this is the right fit for you?

Well, let me ask …

Does selling in the DM’S freak you out and sometimes make you feel guilty or uncomfortable?

Do you ever worry that people will judge you or think less of you for selling – you wonder if you’re annoying them?

You know you must write content that sells but you’re stuck?

Instead of signing up your dream clients with confidence, you end up giving too much value or worse do you procrastinate and do nothing?

You just want to know what to say to fill your courses and programs with ease!
I’ve got YOU!!

Are you feeling trapped in the self-sabotaging thought patterns that have you stuck in low energy, scarcity and fear like:

  • “Finding people to pay me for my work is hard”
  • “I am afraid I will be rejected” *sigh*

Or my inner mean girls favourite

  • “I’m not as good as the others- eeek”

You want to master your mindset and own unique heart-centred sales process. 

Are you done with the pushy, outdated masculine DO. PUSH. HUSTLE ways of selling that don’t work…

Not to mention tired of the dry spells and inconsistent sales?

It’s stressing you out, cluttering your mind and now you are starting to second guess yourself

You want to drop the struggle and embrace an easier way to step into greater abundance, ease, flow and freedom inside your business

Are you ready to break free of the invisible money blocks keeping you stuck and instead embody your 6 figure CEO energy where there is no worries, no concerns, no fears…
Just deep inner confidence, ease + certainty flowing through you in every single moment?
Do you want selling to feel easy and natural so you have more time for those you love?
You might’ve seen me in…
life coach

With this program, you’ll get all the answers to…

  • Enrolling High-Ticket clients WITHOUT sales calls (YEP never do one again if you don’t enjoy them!)
  • EXACTLY what to to say to make sales in the DM’s on FB lives or written content having your potential clients “selling” themselves to you feeling safe, confident and unshakable
  • Easily embodying your unique natural sales method attracting clients you LOVE working with on repeat
  • Clearing the dense energy and abundance blocks that has you feeling overwhelmed and blocked become magnetic to all the opportunities and money you desire
  • Know how to easily stop your self-sabotaging patterns (no more feeling like you’re not good enough) instead confidently charging your worth without second-guessing yourself
  • Amplify your powerfully feminine energy and presence Be Seen, Heard and Making your desired Impact feeling confident in turning up as the real YOU

Today is the day to Awaken Your Inner Sales Goddess!

Join today for only $37 before the price increases to $497

I’m In!! I’m ready to become an awakened sales goddess
“The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is in running.” – Simone Weil
…so I’ve done some studying!

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How is the program released?Will I get it all at once? The content is released all at once and you will have lifetime access to everything to catch up, refresh, go back and master. The program was created for you to dive into when you feel stuck, need to further integrate or ready to make more transformational shifts inside your business

  • What level should I be at in my business? This program is perfect for any one at any level. If you are passionate about your business, know your good at what you do and would be excited to start making more sales this is perfect.
  • How do I access this program? Once you purchase this program you will be sent an email with a link to join a private members only Facebook group. All the modules, trainings and recourse are lovingly kept inside for you to have easy access to any were any time!
  • Is there direct access to you in the program? This is not a program where I am teaching live. The is a self-paced program. If you want to upgrade to be inside person to person mentoring send me a DM and I can let you know what options I currently have available.
  • Why is this program so inexpensive? I made myself a promise that when I discovered a simple aligned sales system I would teach others (that’s you) because when a woman makes money she changes lives. And that starts with you right here. However the price will increase


I am loving this program. This has caused me to have so many positive shifts in my business and peace in my mind. Thank you


I love how empowering this program is. I have just signed up a 1:1 client without a sales call! Yikes!

I’m In!! I’m ready to become an awakened sales goddess

Why Buy The Awakened Sales Goddess

You’re tired of all the outdated sales strategies and You’re ready to discover your unique most aligned method of increasing sales that feel easy, natural and fun …

Plus you’re ready to break-up with those self-sabotaging patterns and abundance blocks holding you back.

Just Imagine… within a week from now – your sales have grown, your making more money and you didn’t use one single icky sales strategy that felt out of alignment with you.

STOP the waiting sister!!!

Get yourself inside The Awakened Sales Goddess and let’s celebrate you making more sales ( I’m already here celebrating you ;-) )

Join today for only $37 before the price increases to $497

I’m In!! I’m ready to become an awakened sales goddess