Are you not making the sales you’d like and this has you feeling frustrated and confused?

Make MORE sales easily (without icky tactics), so you can finally have non-stop sales and cash flow

(the way it is meant to be)

Introducing The Awakened Sales Goddess

Instead of using manipulative and pressure-filled sales tactics, In The Awakened Sales Goddess we sell with ease while trusting our customers to make the best decisions for them – this is how we do empowered soulful sales.


Get instant access to Video Trainings, Breakthrough Energetic Tools, Powerful Activation Audios, Swipe Files + Bonus Resources and Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING to Create Consistent Sales With Confidence, Certainty and Ease!

I bought both the Awakened Sales Goddess and Client Attraction Bundle upgrade and sold out my oracle deck and filled my 1:1 by following Angela’s visibility hacks and sales methodology (I didn’t even do a sales call!!) Thanks, Ang x


Ang, I have enrolled two $5k clients without sales calls (OMG!). The energetics you taught in this program changed everything for me. Thank you 💗

I have sold more earrings in the last two weeks than in the last 6 months. Love the Powerfully Feminine activation technique. xx


If you’re ready to ditch the old school “hustle” and hard way of doing “sales” and want to start making easy consistent sales and income in your business with confidence so that you can create more abundance and freedom in your life then I have no doubt this program is for you!


This transformational feminine aligned sales program will help you confidently make more sales in a way that feels good The Way It Was Always Meant To Be!
yes, i want this course for only $97!!

Truth Bomb 💣

The way you’ve been told to sell is out of alignment with you.

So now instead of feeling clear and confident you’re feeling confused, tired and freaking frustrated.

Let’s Fix That Fast!

The Awakened Sales Goddess is for the inspired entrepreneur READY to stand in her power, own her truth and make more sales in a way that feels goodand gets results fast!


Here’s the truth.


Sales and Selling has been made so complicated, emotional and damn right exhausting and it doesn’t need to be.


You’ve probably been told you must post four times a day to get noticed, cold pitch in the DM’s, stalk people on social media or….


You must spend hours a week on sales calls to convince people into working with you only to get ghosted or worse come up against a tonne of objections that leave you emotionally exhausted. Am I right?


Selling doesn’t need to be hard, sleazy or pushy.


It gets to be easy and fun.


But you’re going to have to stop second guessing yourself, taking back control and step into the most EMPOWERED version of you


It’s Time To Awaken Your Inner Sales Goddess

Let’s go! Get instant access for only $97!!

👋 Heya lovely Ang here,


If the Universe has brought us together you’ve most likely tried a bunch of sales strategies other successful people say work and didn’t get a result, (most felt pushy and out of alignment).


Instead of rolling in sales and becoming fully booked, selling just feels hard and has you all knotted up and in your head – You’re done with that, right?!


I am so glad we met, after spending years coaching woman most tell me the same story – they hate the way they were taught to do sales and they are feeling frustrated and confused, which doesn’t need to be happening.



Here’s the most common mistakes I see when it comes to sales:


1: You are still holding onto some old beliefs.

You are most likely holding yourself back from making the impact and income that’s meant for you because of some money blocks


2: You’re coming across as shaky and hesitant instead of powerful and confident.

People are buying your confidence and belief in what’s possible for them, if you’re mainly feeling needy, desperate and shy they will move on


3: You’re not confident in your sales method

You keep freaking out, getting nervous and second guess yourself from asking for the sale, people see and feel it – so no one buys.


4. Your giving your power away to a strategy that’s out of alignment with you as a heart-centered intuitive woman

You’ve followed what the last guru told you to do but, it feels icky and hard. Honestly once you discover how you love selling your offers and products it all becomes so easy


I know that was a lot, but now that we know why you haven’t been getting the results you want we can totally transform it — and fast!

Let’s Awaken Your Inner Sales Goddess

Imagine within weeks of grabbing this program you could be…


💫 Booking high ticket clients without long exhausting sales calls that feel pushy

💫 Waking up to messages in your DM’s from dreamy clients and customers selling themselves to you!

💫 Having payments made whilst you slept, when at the gym or watching Netflix with your kids


💫 Easily filling your programs and selling out your products


💫 Feeling confident and certain in your prices, worth and unique aligned sales method


💫 Having more money freedom, more sales and more fun inside your business


If You’re READY to Create Consistent Sales With Confidence, Certainty and Ease! Let’s get started!!


I’m so ready to get started!

This intuitive sales program is the “SECRET” to breaking the old culture of hustling and pushing, moving beyond the feelings of not-enoughness and making sales + money like magic…the way it was always meant to be!


No matter what your business this works!


Here’s Everything You’re Getting!

We leave no stone unturned inside this program. You will get the guidance you require to set your frequency to wealth, attracting more clients and achieving your goals with complete video + audio trainings, swipe files, journal prompts, powerful money activation meditations, energetic clearing exercises + manifestation practices



You will discover inside ASG


  • How to enrol High-Ticket clients WITHOUT sales calls (YEP never do one again if you don’t enjoy them!)
  • How to attract and call in paying clients from a place of confidence, ease, and flow
  • Enrol paying dream clients using my Magnetic sales script for selling in the DM’s or on sales calls (always know what to say feeling confident)
  • How to sell with soul in DM’s, social media content, emails & Instagram using my plug and play scripts
  • Know EXACTLY how to overcome money objections without feeling desperate
  • Clear away old money blocks and limiting beliefs – Embody your powerfully feminine energy of attraction + wealth
  • Step into your 6 figure CEO self who is confident, charges her worth, and never second-guesses herself

👉 👉 BONUS #1: Access to my complete 4-day Money Love challenge to help you change your relationship with money and receiving more (this ALONE is worth the price of this program)


👉 👉 BONUS #2: 41 Easy Powerful lead generation ideas to help you attract more clients + customers (value $69)

With the transformational program you will turn your anxieties into abundance, your fears into freedom, your confusion into clarity and start making sales like hotcakes + Becoming fully booked with unwavering confidence, certainty & ease.

I’m In! Let’s Get started!

Hear from fellow Awakened Sales Goddesses!

.Here is the thing…

..You can enrol dream soulmate clients, you can increase your sales and YOU CAN make more money than you ever thought possible without feeling like you’re selling your soul or integrity – Selling gets to feel easy, fun and natural.

How do I know? Because I was just like you


You see I was the worst at sales – or at least I thought I was


I hated the hard selling techniques that all the coaches taught. The fear would rise up and I’d feel guilt, stress, shame, and embarrassment. – I’m sure you know what I mean.


Every coach I had worked with told me I had to cold call leads, slide into the DMs like a creepy stalker or open up my calendar to strangers and hopefully convince them to work with me. (FYI I hated that the most because the freedom I was wanting to create was taken away)


When that didn’t work I would drop my prices because maybe that was the problem. To be honest it was a shit show inside my head


When I couldn’t find a mentor or coach to support me on my mission to makes selling transparent and simple I made it my mission to create The Awakened Sales Goddess.


And thank goodness I did this program has changed not just my business but those of female entrepreneurs all over the world, transformed them into confident money making queens and now it’s your turn.


Let’s Do This! I’m Ready TO MAKE SALES EASY!!
Still not sure? Let me ask…
Does the pushy, outdated masculine DO. PUsH. HUSTLE ways of selling make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable?


Do you ever worry that people will judge you or think less of you for selling – you wonder if you’re annoying them?

Do you sabotage your sales because how you’ve been “told” to sell feels off and now you think you simply “suck” at sales?

You’re ready to empower yourself

Are you feeling trapped in the negative thought patterns that have you stuck in low energy, scarcity and fear like:

  • “What if they think I’m pushy”
  • “I am afraid I will be rejected” *sigh*
  • Whta if this doesn’t work and I look stupid?

Or my inner mean girls favourite

  • “I’m not as good as the others- eeek”

You want to remove these blocks and align to greater flow and confidence

Are you done undercharging when you see others around you charging more and making more?


You’re ready to own your prices, sell with soul and activate your powerfully feminine wealth codes


Breaking free of all limitations and struggle embracing an easier way of making sales that feels easy for you – and kinda fun!

You’re READY to become magnetic to wealth and embody your 6 figure feminine CEO energy where the world opens up to you..


Where there is no worries, no concerns, no fears…

Just deep inner confidence, ease + certainty flowing through you in every single moment?
YES? THIS IS FOR YOU! let’s do this!!!!
life coach

With this program, you’ll get all the answers to…

  • Enrolling High-Ticket clients WITHOUT sales calls (YEP never do one again if you don’t enjoy them!)
  • EXACTLY what to to say to make sales in the DM’s on FB lives or written content having your potential clients “selling” themselves to you feeling safe, confident and unshakable
  • Easily embodying your unique natural sales method attracting clients you LOVE working with on repeat
  • Clearing the dense energy and abundance blocks that has you feeling overwhelmed and blocked become magnetic to all the opportunities and money you desire
  • Know how to easily stop your self-sabotaging patterns (no more feeling like you’re not good enough) instead confidently charging your worth without second-guessing yourself
  • Amplify your powerfully feminine energy and presence Be Seen, Heard and Making your desired Impact feeling confident in turning up as the real YOU
  • How to easily attract new leads into your business with over 41 easy ideas and strategies

Today is the day to Awaken Your Inner Sales Goddess!

Join today for only $97 before the price increases to $497👇

I’m In!! I’m ready to become an awakened sales goddess
“The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is in running.” – Simone Weil
…so I’ve done some studying!


Commonly Asked Questions

  • How is the program released? Will I get it all at once? The content is released all at once and you will have lifetime access to everything to catch up, refresh, go back and master. The program was created for you to dive into when you feel stuck, need to further integrate or ready to make more transformational shifts inside your business.

  • What level should I be at in my business? This program is perfect for any one at any level. If you are passionate about your business, know you’re good at what you do and would be excited to start making more sales this is perfect.
  • How do I access this program? Once you purchase this program you will be invited to setup your membership portal. All the modules, trainings and resources are lovingly kept inside for you to have easy access to anywhere, any time!
  • Is there direct access to you in the program? This is not a program where I am teaching live. The is a self-paced program. If you want to upgrade to be inside person to person mentoring send me a DM and I can let you know what options I currently have available.
  • Is this program only for coaches? Nope, if you own a business this is for you. This program will help you release any hidden money blocks and activate your receiving channels to more abundance of all things including customers and raving fans

  • How long will this take? This program was designed to be your sales toolbox so you can keep going back into it whenever you feel stuck or need a little dose of inspiration!

I am loving this program. This has caused me to have so many positive shifts in my business and peace in my mind. Thank you


I love how empowering this program is. I have just signed up a 1:1 client without a sales call! Yikes!


Angela’s energy is contagious! Not even 3 three weeks after using all the energy strategies I have had three new Reiki clients reach out to work with me out of the blue. This works!!!

I’m In!! I’m ready to become an awakened sales goddess


👉 STOP the waiting sister, get everything you need to Create Consistent Sales With Confidence, Certainty and Ease!

Get yourself inside The Awakened Sales Goddess and let’s celebrate you making more sales ( I’m already here celebrating you ;-) )

Thanks so much for creating this program. I used to get so full of fear when it came to sales. Who knew sales could be so easy!! I am loving embracing my inner goddess feeling more confident everyday 💕 Emma

Join today for only $97 before the price increases to $497👇

I’m SOO EXCITED!! I’m ready to become an awakened sales goddess