Gyms around Australia are starting to open their doors. And as an activewear loving gym junkie from yonks back, I realised that before I get back into the gym I needed to dust off some awesome gym-workouts, activewear and motivation. If you’re like me ready and raring to train here are some work-out ideas, active-wear ideas and motivation.

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Since I was a teenager moving my body was my go-to when I felt sad, confused, frustrated or needed to feel empowered and confident. Whenever I have needed to shift my mood, and reach for a better thought, feeling and emotion moving my body has been the quickest and easiest method.

When I was sixteen years old I started teaching aerobic classes (back in the day when g-strings were worn on the outside), I meet my husband at a gym I worked at, I even felt my waters break with baby number two whilst I was in a boxing class. Moving my body has been part of who I am and how I have achieved and reached so many goals.

Whatever stage I have been at in my life moving my body, going to the gym and physically challenging myself has always been a constant. Over the last few months with gyms being closed and me doing garage workouts and the occasional run, I am excited to get back into my happy place, my zone. And I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this than we have something in common.

We both want to rise up and live as the strongest, happiest and most successful version of ourselves. This is why I am sharing my go-to gym workouts for this week, the activewear I love and the motivation techniques I am using myself to get going.

Awesome Gym Workouts, Activewear and Motivation to start your week


The easiest and quickest way to change your mood, shift anxiety and feel more confident is through moving our bodies. We become stronger and more resilient so that when challenges come our way, we are better prepared and ready to step up. That’s where a good gym workout is important. When I’m looking for a gym-workout, I need it to be quick (I don’t have all day) yet still target all the wobbly bits – wink-wink. Here is one I designed that meets all those needs, it’s also now yours.


The next step to getting back out of the comforts of home and into the gym is to feel good in your skin. I mean gyms have all those mirrors, I love to have activewear that makes me feel strong and motivated. One of my favourite brands is Gym-Secrets. Not only is she an Aussie mum who totally understands the need to feel strong and great about yourself, but she also makes matching activewear for you and your little workout buddy. Head over here to check out her beautiful, body-loving work-out gear.


So now we have our workout all planned. We are wearing workout gear that makes us feel amazing. What’s next? Motivation. I use two tools to motivate my butt into gear. The first is a kick-arse music playlist (check out Spotify for some motivational playlists) and a pep-talk.

My pep talk normally involves me affirming how amazing I will feel on the other side of the workout and I also remind myself that I choose to feel “Strong, Powerful, Confident and Sexy” and for me, that’s exactly how I feel after hitting the gym or moving my body.

I’d love to know how you motivate yourself to get going or the type of workouts you love. If you’re looking for bodyweight workouts check out other blogs over on, hope to catch you moving soon – Ang x


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