Be honest if we jumped on a phone call together would one of your top 3 questions be…”Ang please tell me how to book more clients and make more sales?”

As a heart-led female entrepreneur, there are a few key strategies you can use on social media to book more clients and make more sales. So I thought I’d share a few ideas with you

How to book more clients and make more sales

First, create the type of content that you would share with your best friend who has the same problem your ideal clients have. 

Create content that you wished someone had shared with you earlier on your own journey. This could be how-to guides, helpful tips, words of encouragement and empowerment or even sharing stories of your challenges and successes. Think about it we buy from people that make us feel something and feelings are created within relationships where you feel understood, seen, heard and supported.

book more clients


Second: Use images that stand out from the crowd. Use engaging photos and videos to draw attention to your posts and products. This doesn’t mean you need to shell out money for a set of professional photos your phone will work. Again share images and photos that you would send to your bestie. Have fun, show all sides of you and your epic personality.

Third: Follow up with those who engage with your content. When they comment on your posts, take the time to respond. Even a simple “thanks babe, I’m so happy this landed!” can make a huge difference in building relationships.


Finally, don’t be afraid to be you! Be creative and have fun with your content. People want to see work with and buy from humans that have either walked the road before them or from those they aspire to be like, so don’t be afraid to show your personality and quirks….have fun

I know that the more you, you allow yourself to be and with support and strategy you’ll be sure to book more clients and make more sales on social media. Good luck!

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