How do you create abundance, ease and flow in your life when it feels like life and the universe is throwing you all the problems and challenges?

Ever been out on a boat, endlessly bobbing up and down stomach churning, heart in your throat feeling green ?… depleted…teetering on the edge of tears…empty…Bankrupt?

The abundance ease and flow you want seems as far away as the land. The success and deep loving connection you dreamed of having as a child feels untouchable. And you wonder whilst trying not to chuck up lunch “why you don’t look like those bikini-clad, smiling women in the magazines (you know the ones wearing the wide brim hats and perfect white teeth) enjoying the sun and abundance, success and ease of life?

That my friend, that crappy, sucky feeling of depletion, of discontent, is what I refer to as being bankrupt.

The feeling you have when what you desire most in your life …Greater abundance, ease and flow. Living a life that is fulfilling and successful seems nowhere in sight. That’s bankrupt!

That feeling of nothingness and discontent…bankrupt!!

Oh, and bankruptcy has a voice too (yay!). It’s that inner mean girl’s voice in your head whispering thoughts like: you’re too old, you’re not smart enough…you’re not good enough along with about 27 others.

However, bankruptcy isn’t exclusive to the work of finance. We can also feel bankrupt in our relationships, health, time freedom and careers.

Create abundance, ease and flow in your life now


ease and flow

To create abundance and ease and flow we must first take a look at where you are you feeling bankrupt – unfulfilled?

I can remember with clarity when I first had that awareness and feeling of being bankrupt.

It was a few years after having my son, I had spent 7 years swept up in the business of new motherhood to by babies. And then one evening I couldn’t get to sleep.

I felt empty.

I was busier than I had ever been juggling work, marriage and children but I felt deeply unfulfilled.

I loved my kids and was grateful for my life yet still I felt empty like I was meant for more than simply going through the motions of life, and dare I say it living like my mum (gasp). Deep down I was deeply unhappy, discontent and feeling bankrupt.


I didn’t feel connected to my husband and I ‘m ashamed to say it I felt like we were housemates sharing the same bed YET I did all the housework. I felt trapped in groundhog day, living each day like the one before it.

In true form, I ignored all the telltale signs of discontent for fear of judgement and kept plodding along until the fateful night that my life blew up around my ears. That was my defining moment. I had to get honest with myself, take reasonability for my mindset, thoughts and actions and define the areas in my life where I desired more!

From there I dreamt up the life I wanted to live and took ALL the dreambuilder steps I needed to make it my reality. And it all started with defining where in my life I was feeling bankrupt and unfulfilled.

How to discover where you are feeling bankrupt and unfulfilled


Get honest with yourself and show yourself compassion as you go through this process. Find a quiet place to reflect and write.


Step One

On your paper write four headings:

Time/Money Freedom

Step Two

Take a couple of soothing deep breaths to help you ground your body and energy to generate a feeling of ease and calm.

Step Three

Under each heading ask yourself these two questions.

Where am I feeling discontent or unfulfilled?

What would I love to be different?

parenting tip

Step Four

This is where it gets fun, take the information you have gathered above and write down the life you desire to create.

Create a story using your imagination and then take time daily to visualise your life with all your dreams having been achieved (everything is created twice- first in the mind and then in the physical)

Remember what we long to have and desire to experience is the opposite of our discontent. The more honest you can get with yourself about your longings and discontents the greater clarity you will have as to the next steps to take.



Step Five

Notice where you start to feel fear bubble up. Notice the “excuses” that you are telling yourself as to “why” you can’t have this life or create these dreams. And remember to always stay in your own lane and not compare yourself to others as this only creates more fear.

What thoughts are coming up for you?

Take notice of these thoughts you are having without judgment. These thoughts are there to protect you, but you’re safe. Everything is ok.

My favourite mantra to use when considering the changes I want to create is

“If not now, then when?”

What would you love your life to look and feel like a year from now? Where in your life would you love to create greater success, abundance, ease and flow? What is the life you would love?

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Hey, I’m Ang! Leading DreamBuilder coach, Business success mentor, and International best-selling author of The Messy Mum’s Playbook.  My mission is to help women who feel stuck or frustrated get everything they want in life, love, and business in the fastest and easiest way possible