When you think of meditation what comes to mind? Do you find meditation easy?

Is it hippies with long underarm hairs?

Is it imagining a group of peaceful monks up on a high hill surrounded by morning fog?

Or do you picture a person who is calm, patient and just totally relaxed?

Me? I kind of think of all three

But it doesn’t matter what we think of meditation, it’s more important that we embrace the practice of meditation and how it will completely change your life.

Meditation’s known benefits are to calm the nervous system, reduce and melt away stress and anxiety as well as help you navigate everyday challenges feeling more at peace and calm.

But…Mediation can be so damn hard, Right?

I mean it almost feels like your thoughts are yelling at you, your body all of a sudden wants to become busy and not to mention that bloody ear and nose itch that ONLY appears when you try to sit and meditate.

That’s why I have put together some tips on how to make meditation easy.

How to make meditation easy


easy meditation

1: Find somewhere quiet

Seems simple right, but finding somewhere quiet when you live with other noisy humans can be a challenge. Which is why I meditate first thing in the morning. I scoot my butt back, sit up and allow myself to drift.

I have even told clients to go into the toilet and sit on the loo lid to meditate. Unless you’re under the age of four, you will never interrupt someone in the loo. That’s what makes it such a great place. You’ll be left alone and not questioned as to what you were doing.


2: Sit up straight

As tempting as it is to lay down because how delicious is it laying back down, it’s too easy to fall asleep. You want to be comfortable you don’t have to sit cross-legged, just a comfy upright position


3: Come back to noticing your breath

Most often when we sit down to meditate our mind starts racing our “Monkey Mind” kicks in. To tame these Monkeys come back to noticing your breath. It will be very tempting to beat yourself up because you got stuck on a thought train but remember what’s in the past is in the past even if it was only 10 seconds ago.

Simply come back to noticing your “in breath” and “out breath”. I like to notice how the breath feels in my body, how it feels in my lungs, in my throat. Other women I work with prefer to start counting the “in breath”, counting the “hold” and counting the “out breath”. It’s totally up to you. Do what works for you to tame your “Monkey Mind”.



4: Let distractions go

I can’t tell you the number of times I have been sitting in my bed meditating whilst a child is tapping me, rolling around the bed or trying to stick their finger up my nose to get my attention.

Or the times that the dog will start barking no-stop, the garbage truck decides to take an extra-long time to empty the bin – The trick is to let it be. Don’t get caught up in it.

And once again meditation is a practice you will get better at ignoring distractions.


5: Set a timer

Start with 2 minutes, then 5 minutes. As you get better you can increase the time. What I love about a timer is I can tell my brain when it wants to get up, it must wait for the alarm to sound.


6: Celebrate Yourself

Celebrate that you tried your hardest, that’s all you can do. It will get easier.


P.S. Meditation is a practice. And totally life-changing. There will be days where your meditation practice will totally suck. How-ever let it go, you turned up, you did the best you could. And that’s what matters. Go Girl!

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