If you’re here it’s probably because you have a desire that you wish to manifest. And… you want to learn how to speed up your manifestations

I once thought that for me to speed up my desires coming to me I had to do more. I had to get better at “doing” the manifestation practices and then try to fit them all into my day. 


Speed up manifestations

But there was a problem with this thought process. You see, I always felt stressed. What I wanted wasn’t happening, instead I was getting more and more tired. 

Tired because I was trying to fit all the manifestation practices into my morning. Getting up earlier and earlier to fit it all in was exhausting.

Then one day as I went for my walk I listened to an audio by Abraham Hicks about self love and it hit me. 

None of the manifestation techniques I was filling my day with would ever work whilst I missed step one. Step one is learning how to like myself. Learning how to love myself. 

Epiphany had!!!

You might be missing this too. The secret to speeding up your manifestation was never to do more. No it was to fall in like and in love with yourself first. So here is how I went about doing this for me. Hopefully it will help you too.

How to speed up your Manifestations

Slow Down: 

I am the Queen of moving quickly. Quick, quick, quick is how I love to live, but when it comes to loving ourselves we must take time to slow down. 

Slow down to experience the magic that is always unfolding in front of us. Slow down to appreciate the fact that our bodies get us to all the places we need to be. Slowing down for some of you like me may feel SUPER hard, but totally worth it. Where can you slow down today and enjoy more?


Speed up manifestations

Look At Yourself In The Mirror

Ok, this comes with slowing down. We move fast and take for granted the amazing person who is being reflected back at us. Or we don’t really stop to fall in like and love with our reflection. But here is the thing, everything you desire to manifest comes from a place of love. And it MUST start with you!

Take time when you are washing your hands, washing your face or brushing your teeth. Look for one thing about yourself that you can like and love. Appreciate that part of you – she is freaking amazing (just say’in)

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