Ok so if you’re here you want to manifest more money – Right? But…have you tried scripting or tapping your temples till they are bruised and STILL no luck. Babe, I get it so I have put together 3 easy money mindset hacks below that work. 

Before we dive into 3 easy money hacks to manifest money into your life, first there are a couple of secret keys to success using The Law Of Attraction.

Secret number one. Everything is energy and everything you want sits on an energetic field. Kind of like Netflix, you must be tuned into the streaming platform that Netflix sits in. Some here with your desires. The money you want and the thoughts you have around money have an equal energy signal that you need to get on.

Secret number two is that our thoughts and feelings are what create this energy. This means that our energy attracts what is also vibrating at that energy frequency.

You still with me?? That’s how these money mindset hacks work. They change your thoughts which shift your energy signal to match the money you want. Yay right? Ok, let’s dive into these 3 easy money manifestation hacks.

3 Easy Hacks To Manifest Money Into Your Life

Money Manifestation Hack One

Let’s shine love on our bills. Sound a little crazy?  Maybe but it works. So all and every bill you have receive from now on. Open them with the same excitement you would if it contained a hundred dollar note inside. Drop love hearts on it. Get excited to receive it. At the end of the day if you didn’t have this bill for example water. Those hot showers you enjoy wouldn’t exist. So show your bills love. Repeat affirmations like. I love my bills, I love receiving these bills and all the befits they bring. I love paying these bills.

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Money Manifestation Hack Two

Do the money dance. You know that when you launch into a daggy dance in the lounge room you end up feeling good. Movement releases so much tension and shifts stuck energy. So turn up the dial on your favourite song and dance your heart out in celebration of money. Money coming in money going out. Money in flow. Serious if money were your lover you would dance your heart out. Shimmy babe. 


Money Manifestation Hack 3

Surround yourself with money. Put jars around your home and fill them with coins. Pin money on your vision board. Even use money as your bookmark. Every time you see this money repeat: I love knowing that money is always available to me. Money is everywhere. Grab extra money manifestation affirmations here

I know these will work for you they have for the amazing members inside The Firefly Academy now its your turn!!

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