There are 11 questions all women should be asking themselves but aren’t because we are pushing ourselves harder to be perfect and get it (life) “all” right *sighs*. We are working hard to try to please others so we don’t look like an ice queen with no heart and soul. Not to mention the fifty million other things we are juggling and have to get ticked off on the to-do list (which FYI seems like it always gets longer instead of shorter) – But if you don’t stop now and take to check-in with yourself you will eventually burn-out, lose confidence and forget who you are. You will begin to sleepwalk through your own life.

The days seem to whizz by at a breakneck speed. As a mum, there are days where we feel like that single hot chips on the beach with every seagull diving in to take a piece of us. This leaves us energetically drained and pulled in so many directions. So much so that we forget to check-in with ourselves and validate the thoughts, feeling,s and emotions that are running around our minds.

The result of not taking a little time to check-in is never pretty. In my life, when I don’t check in on myself normally it results in either me losing my poo ( stomping off in a huff of emotions and non-shed tears of frustration ) or finding my hand deep within the depths of licorice bullets ( dark chocolate is my favourite).

Now, all that is ok if you love always feeling depleted, frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, and unnoticed. But I’ve never met a woman who wants a bigger serve of feeling *blah*, most of us want to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. Most of us want to feel loved, happy, confident, and free. 

11 Questions All Women Should Be Asking Themselves

Before you dive headfirst into these questions find a space where you can reflect uninterrupted. One of my favourite places is in the car pulled up in my driveway with the doors locked for a few minutes. Sound crazy? Give it a try. You may be converted. Or you may find that locking yourself in the toilet where NO ONE dares to enter a better place. Either, Or the point here is to find a quiet space, some time to reflect and remember pause between each question, our brains like to rush – Not today.

11 Questions
  1. How am I feeling today?
  2. Is there any tension I’m holding in my by weighing me down?
  3. What is this tension trying to tell me?
  4. Is there someone I need to speak to? What would I honestly like to say?
  5. Do I need to reach out for help?
  6. What do I want or need to have more time for? If so am I ready to make that a priority?
  7. Is there something I need to do that I’ve been avoiding? If so, why do I think you have been avoiding it?
  8. What would I love to have or experience more of in my life?
  9. What’s one thing I need that I can give myself today that will fill my cup?
  10. How would I love to feel today? What can I do to feel that today?
  11. What is the dream life I’d love to live?

Take your time to read over these questions, I know that I’m definitely guilty of rushing through these questions ( I think it’s all the conditioning to put ourselves at the bottom of the “what’s important pile”), however, the goodness your heart and soul is trying to tell you comes by gifting yourself space and time by pausing between each question to let your heart and inner voice of knowing catch up with you and give you guidance. 

You’re (more than) worthy of the time it takes to check in on yourself and validate all you are feeling and would love your life to be filled with.

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