If you knew “How to tame your Monkey Mind”, those busy thoughts holding you back from success…What could you achieve?

What’s the Monkey Mind? The Monkey Mind refers to your busy thoughts, procrastination, distractions and fear-based thinking that stops you from getting on with doing what you need to do to reach your goals or achieve your dreams…

These cheeky devils keep you stuck, make you anxious and keep you awake at night, but there is a proven method on “How to tame your Monkey Mind”.

Move over Mindset Monkeys we are coming for you!

How To Tame Your Monkey Mind


Ok so if your anything like me, I often get distracted from actually achieving my goals and dreams because of “shiny object” syndrome (show me a shiny pen and journal and I’m all yours)

Or, I start hearing my inner mean girl piping up and judging me in the exact same voice as my year 8 bully!

Or, if I have really been taken hostage by these Mindset Monkeys I go into full-on fear – – And that means lots of chocolate and binge-watching Netflix (because my mind monkeys are telling me if I fail, my entire family and friend base will laugh at me, maybe even confirm my worst fears…I suck!) and this has me doing nothing towards reaching my goals or making my dreams a reality.

Sister, these thoughts, these Monkeys are holding us back!

What are the most common Monkey Mind thoughts?

Here are a couple of the most common Monkey Mind thoughts that have held me and the women I work with back from stepping outside our comfort zones to meet new loves, start new businesses or careers, put ourselves out there.


Most Common Monkey Mind Thoughts:

– What if people think I’m a fraud?

– What if people think what I say is silly and nobody takes me seriously? Or think I’m stupid.

– Who am I to think I can actually achieve this goal/dream?

– What if I lose all my friends and disgrace my family because I fail?

But sister, this is our brain’s way of trying to keep us safe and inside our comfort zone.

Do you have any of these thoughts keeping you stuck?

Here are three simple strategies to help you overcome these thoughts and how to tame your Monkey Mind


Challenge your limiting belief – This is where you have to get honest with yourself around the thought of putting yourself out there. Write them all down. For example, you might think, ” Everyone will laugh at me and tell me how much of a failure I am”.

Ask yourself why you think this is true and where the belief came from… Write it all down, it really helps to get clarity!

Now, find evidence to contradict your negative belief. For example, remember all the times your friends or family celebrated you or gave you compliments because of your bravery, or remember the times you succeeded after you took that leap through fear.

Change your negative statements from present to past – You’re overriding your brain. You start off by saying “I used to believe that I would always fail, but now I realise that the more I step out of my comfort zone and give it a hot try the more I learn”!

Do this as many times as you need and keep overriding your brain so it starts to believe how awesome you are at putting yourself and your dreams out there!

Imagine a future that’s feels super confident – How does future you act differently when it comes to stepping outside your comfort zone and putting yourself out there? Visualise exactly how you’ll feel, what you’ll see and how you’ll act to help you solidify your beliefs around getting out there and being seen.

You’ve Got This!

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