There are three things to do when life is hard. You know, those times where it feels like life is one giant game of dodgeball except instead of you dodging the balls you keep getting hit. 

And sometimes you feel as though you get hit square in the face! 

These seasons of life are hard and chaotic. However there are three things that will help you through. 

Three things to do when life is hard

what to do when life is hard


Thing one: Lean into more self-care

Self care doesn’t have to look like day spa days or long soaks in the bath – unless you want that. The everyday self care I’m talking about is getting to bed at least 1/2 hour earlier. Saying no a little more often to the demands of others and saying yes more to your own needs. Self care is all about you validating your own needs and meeting them yourself. 


Thing two: Feel the feels

Yep, feel all your feelings. Write them out, say them out loud, scream them into your pillow if needed. But the idea is to give your feelings the light they desire. This will help you process what’s going on and also allow you to move on. Keeping feelings bottled up or swept under the proverbial rug doesn’t help anyone. In fact all they do is simmer away until they explode. 

I love to journal out my thoughts and feelings. This practice allows me to gain a different perspective. It’s like the coolest kind of hindsight.

Thing three: Who you hang out with matters 

Who you hang out with, the kinds of conversations your having, the media you consume ALL of it affects your thoughts and then reality. 

If you feel like crap have a look with whom you are hanging out with most. Or what types of media you are consuming. Then go through and unfollow, unsubscribe, turn off or create distance and space. 

Life will always throw you curveballs, that’s why they call life a “game” and…

Every game has its masters. Be the master of your life 

what to do when life is hard

Hey Sister, Do you ever have those days or weeks when everything feels like an uphill battle?


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