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Why the Law Of Attraction is not working for you, is not your fault. You must stop using these 4 words and phrases and instead swap them with these power words to finally start seeing results.

I used to spend hours watching Youtube videos and reading every blog post I could find on the Law Of Attraction, searching for all the reasons why the Law Of Attraction is not working. I would follow all the advice and still, I would fail. It felt like there must have been something wrong with me because the Law Of Attraction just wasn’t working.  I wondered whether I was meant to live my dreams. That was until my DreamBuilder mentor and life coach taught me about the power words to manifest your greatest dreams into reality.

There is crazy sexy magic and power in the words you use every day. The words you use will either help you manifest your greatest dreams into reality or strip you bare.

You have the same ability to think and speak yourself into a headache as you do to nabbing the best carpark at the shops.

Using the power of words to manifest and create your ideal day, week and moment is the best life hack you can ever learn. So sister let’s dive headfirst into the pool of manifestation using sexy magic power words.

The Crazy Sexy Magic Of Using Power Words

Whatever we say or think becomes our reality, thoughts truly do become things. When we say positive, empowering things to ourselves or to others, even if we don’t fully believe in the beginning, our subconscious mind accepts them as true.

Which is why if you tell yourself you have a headache every day at school pick-up time, or that every evening at 5 pm you need a glass of wine to simply deal with the household noise it’s true. You have programmed that to be the truth in your subconscious mind but when you start using power words that are positive you will begin to positively impact your life, you will begin to see things shift in your life that you thought was never possible for you and start impacting the lives of those around you almost immediately!

The words we choose have the power to shape our reality, they hold crazy sexy magic and will help you manifest your greatest dreams into reality.

If you’re not seeing or experiencing the results in life that you truly desire, here are just a few of the simple words and phrases that I’m sure you already use on a daily basis, and once you wave your wand and swap these words and phrases for more positively charged words, you can manifest amazing changes in your life!

The 4 words to stop using (and what to use instead) to help you create the results you truly desire in your life and begin to manifest your greatest dreams into reality

Words to stop using:

Stop or at least try to avoid the words ‘must’, ‘should’, ‘need’, ‘have to’ because these words leave you powerless and stuck in a negative mindset. They are constrictive words and make anything you say next feel like another chore, something else on your never-ending to-do list.

Theses words strip you of your inner power and ability to manifest a life that you want to live. They suggest that you are at the mercy of certain obligations, instead of being behind the wheel of your life, in charge of your choices. This is why the Law Of Attraction isn’t working the way you want it to. You’re simply not harnessing your true powers of manifestation. Ready to fix this faster than you can say “pig”….Awesome ;-).

Your word is your wand – Florence Scovel Shinn

manifest your dreams into reality

Use these Power Words Instead

Why you want to use power words:

Power words have more pure positive energy behind them, they give you an energetic kick up the bootie you need to motivate and empower you to take the next step and manifest the life you want.

My four favourite words are “love”, “choose”, “have”, “am”.

For example, saying “I need to exercise” makes exercise seem like a chore, a job or even a punishment, instead of an act of self-care.

Swap it to “ I love to exercise”, or “ I choose to exercise” because then I feel ____ or because then I can____

Here are some more:

◻️ “I should stay at this job even though I’m not happy doing what I’m doing because I need the money!”

Swap it to: “I choose to stay at my current job for 12 more months, while I invest my evenings and weekends in exploring what else I’m passionate about that I can build a career around in future.”

◻️ “I want to buy a house”

Swap to: “I plan to buy a house”

◻️ I must postpone my dream of _______ because I should focus on these other areas of my life that need attention right now.”

Swap it to: “I am putting my dreams on a short pause, so that “I can” focus on ______ as this is what’s important today

◻️ “ I have to join dating websites to find love”

Swap it to; “ I am so grateful to have so many different ways of finding my soul partner”

Every time you start to make a statement that you don’t want to be true, or that you can feel pulls your energy down making you feel flat, tight in the head/chest or makes you feel instantly tired, replace the negative word or part you don’t like with a power word. A word that lifts your mood and confidence.

Your words are your wands to creating and manifesting the life you dream of. So, stand at the door to your mind like Kevin Costner would at the door of a complaining Whitney Housten aka “the bodyguard” – When you notice yourself use disempowering words forgive yourself and replace the word with “ I choose”, “I am”, “I have”, “I can”, “I love”  and prepare to witness everything around you change.

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