We all have days where our minds try to scare us, hold us back and throw thoughts around like we aren’t good enough, that we will fail, that we aren’t worthy. And sometimes these days can turn into weeks, months and years. So here are 3 ways to stop negative thoughts so that you can start transforming your life and realising some of those goals and desires you have.

3 Ways To Stop Negative Thoughts

negative thoughts

One: Use the power of your imagination with visualisation. 

Our minds don’t know what is and what isn’t real. And as a side note, none of our thoughts are facts but merely ideas that our mind presents to us by how we see the world. 

So instead of getting stuck use your imagination and start visualising different more positive situations. Give yourself little pockets of time throughout your day to see in your mind’s eye you living the life you want. 

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Two: Taking back your power through breathwork.

There are only a few things we can actually control. Our thoughts, our feelings and our breath. When we actively change our breathing patterns we change our brain waves and interrupt the current state our negative thoughts have us in. Take 10 minutes a day to practice 4 count of breathing. 

Here is how it’s done: Breathe in for 4 counts. Hold for 4 counts. Breathe out for 4 counts. Hold for 4 counts. 

Three: Create new routines 

Try adding new routines to your day. Routines that bring you energy, that elevates your confidence that put the negative thoughts of your inner voice back in their place (in the back seat). This may include physical activity, using affirmations, journalling or mediation. 

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