Hey lovely if we are meeting on this page I’m guessing you have something in your life you want to change. Right? Perfecto because I have put together 3 ways you can change your life today that don’t require any hard work or weird rituals that make you feel weird.

Don’t get wrong I love a fun ritual that activates my energy or calms my mind. I have spent many an evening in women’s circles calling forth guidance and daily requesting help from my angel guides and teachers. However today I want to dive in and give you three activities you can start doing today that is easy for you to do that will change your life. Sounds good?? Yep thought so. Let’s go.

3 Ways You Can Change Your Life Today

change your life

Way one: Start a visualisation practice.

Visualisation is when you start creating a mental image in your mind of what you desire.  Create an intentional image within your mind of you living out what you want. Take note of what you see within your daily visualisation practice. As your soul will leave you clues the more you practice this.

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Ohh, and before you say “I can’t visualise” faster than I can type the word know this. If you can worry you can visualise. Because worrying is a form of visualisation. It may help you to write out what it is you want first and then close your eyes and begin to bring to mind pictures of what you just wrote.


Way Two: Find proof.

For this technique to work you must promise me you won’t fall into the comparison rabbit hole…promise? Great. What I invite you to do is do a little google research or intention social media surf looking for others who have walked before you and achieved what you want to achieve. This is providing your brain proof of what’s possible for you. When using this technique use the mantra…” If she can…I can too”.

change your life today

Way Three: Use Subliminals.

What are Subliminals? Subliminals consist of positive affirmations, accompanied by music in the form of binaural beats. And they have been scientifically proven to stimulate the brain, and positively impact thoughts and behaviours. I love using subliminals, they are so easy to use and require no effort on your part. You plug them in and relax or get in with doing what you are doing with them playing in the background. You can check out my four most powerful subliminals here.

Remember this: If you can dream it you can have it. If you can think it, you can hold it. I believe in you,

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