Grief is a heavy, draining emotion and coping with grief looks different for everyone. But first, we must acknowledge that grief doesn’t always happen after the loss of someone you love. It can happen when you lose a job, move house, end a relationship, discovering your loved one is sick…even finishing a project. The idea isn’t to label one person’s grief more worthy than another’s but to give you some tips on coping with grief. 

Grief has a way of draining the energy from our bodies and creating a void. A void that needs to be filled. Grief has this weird energy within it that makes us feel restless and zapped. 

Recently I lost my brother who suddenly died in his sleep for no reason. And this sent a shock wave of grief through my family, his friends and myself.   So I thought I would share with you my coping strategies that I used here but have also used when I have grieved in the past.

how to cope with grief

 1: Lean into positive habits 

We all have a set of habits we have. And especially during the stage of grief, lean into the positive ones you have. Like moving your body even if it’s a stroll outside. Define a positive habit you already have and lean into that more 

2: Clear your schedule 

It’s really easy to allow the needs of others and even your work to consume your time. And whilst it makes you feel good in the moment you still have to deal with your emotions. So clear your schedule of anything that doesn’t need to be done. And be honest with yourself.  Does it real-ly need to be done?

3: Embrace more self-care 

Sleep when your body asks for sleep. Talk to friends. Watch the Netflix show. Have an extra long shower or bath. Spend the day in your pjs. Whatever your body, mind and soul is asking for, give. Be gentle with yourself and show yourself grace and love

4: Validate your emotions

You experience a whole gamut of emotions when you are grieving. Anger, sadness, blame…disbelief and that’s just the highlight reel. 

Point is you need to allow yourself the space to safely express these emotions in a way that releases them for you but doesn’t hurt anybody else. 

As I said grief is a big feeling however there is another side and you will get there.

how to cope with grief

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