Ever find yourself slumped over your laptop, with a forgotten coffee sitting beside you wondering how to increase your sales without feeling desperate. Heya, hello, same. I used to totally hate sales, I mean I totally sucked. But…

I know you know that to reach all your business income goals and dreams you need to make more sales – Right? But sales can feel so icky and gross. Especially when you are using old school marketing strategies that are out of alignment with you, your beliefs and values.

There was a time when because I hated sales soo much I would either give away everything for free or not ask for the sale at all.

And we both know that no sales means no income which meant my business was an expensive hobby {insert a very sad looking Angela}. I know I’m not alone. In fact, most of the women I talk to within my program The Wealthy Woman Unlocked feel the same before they unlocked their unique sales method.

Not wanting to look pushy, desperate or saying the wrong thing is normally why most heart-centred women struggle when it comes to sales inside their business. But there is another way…a way of selling and marketing that feels…

Easy, natural and kinda fun!

But before we dive into what that looks like, I first need to bust through some lies that have been spread about sales (these might be the very beliefs keeping you stuck).

The lies that say you’re required to cold pitch in the DM’s, fill your calendar with free “discovery” sessions in the hope you can convince people to work with you.

That you need to undercut your prices, hide your prices (please don’t – what’s to hide) follow up every lead with constant emails or messages or worse pose semi naked on Insta doing things you would never ever normally do.


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There is a much easier more aligned way!


You can enrol dream soulmate clients, you can increase your sales and YOU CAN make more money than you ever thought possible without feeling like you’re selling your soul or integrity – Selling gets to feel easy, fun and natural.

So let’s show you how

Come into alignment

What?! It’s ok, stay with me here. Coming into alignment simply means falling back in love with what you sell, what you do, what you offer. Go and use your products, read your sales pages…be your own ideal client doing “all” the things you ask of them. It’s so easy to fall into strategy when running a business however your sales are directly related to your love of what you do


Habits To Improving Your Energy

Have more fun throughout your day

Crazy fact. You can increase your sales today by watching more cat video on YouTube, taking a cat nap or dancing naked to your favourite song in the confines of your bathroom *caugh*. Here is why…the better you feel, the more sales and money you make. The better you feel the more confident you are to show up as a leader selling her things. The better you feel about you and all you do the more magnetic you become to your ideal clients.


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Unlock how you love to sell

Ohhhh did the word sell get you feeling all jittery on the insides. It’s ok I’m here for you. I love to call this process becoming an Awakened Sales Goddess. Have a think back to how you love people to sell to you. Because sister, that’s how you love to sell to others.

Do you love jumping on calls with people, do you love sending gorgeous messages over the DM’s or are you the type (like me) who love to excitedly let everyone know that I have this thing here if they want it?

None of these is better than the other (remember the lies we talked about). It’s about knowing “how” you love to sell, how you love to be sold to and replicating it over and over again…because what you sell and do is sooo good.

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This is the biggest, which is why it’s at the end. Beware of the voice of your inner mean girl, or head leader of your itty-bitty-shitty committee. She…they will try to hold you back. Those thoughts that pop up telling you you’re not good enough, people won’t pay you…or you will be rejected (ugghh). Ignore them. Please for the love of coffee with Nutella. Don’t listen to them. If you are brave enough to start a business YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

Mindset number two is to reframe that sales is actually an invitation. You are offering up an invitation to someone to step closer to you, buy your things or invest in your services.


Selling is a soulful combination of practical strategy and spiritual manifesting, mindset and energetic alignment practices

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