Oh man, self-sabotaging yourself sucks. Which is why you need to know today sister, how to discover your self-sabotage signs so you can get out of your own way and start living your best life, achieve your dreams and feel AWESOME!

Wouldn’t it be great if every time we went to self-sabotage ourselves we were given a sign? I mean handy, right?… a big Fluro pink sign or maybe even a blaring horn screaming “dooon’t dooo iiit I am your self-sabotage sign!!”

Think about it, what if when you go to buy those yummy chocolate Tim-Tams that are on sale a WARNING sign pops up…”Remember, you gave up chocolate!” – handy?

Or what if you received a blaring warning horn when you procrastinate instead of taking action on your dreams or goal like a crazed Christmas shopper who has found a bargain, a horn screaming “WARNING dooon’tt dooo iit – take action your dream matters!”

Wouldn’t that be cool, big ass pink fluro self-sabotage signs and mega horns?

Well, there are self-sabotage signs and I’ve picked my top 10 most popular signs. Once you know your self-sabotage signs, your life will change because know you can then get out of your own way and start living your best life and achieve your dreams.

How To Discover Your Self-Sabotage Signs

self sabotage

◽ You procrastinate
◽ You break promises you make to yourself
◽ You dwell on your mistakes
◽ You wait until your perfect
◽ You don’t take action for fear of judgement or criticism
◽ You make excuses
◽ You second guess yourself
◽ You don’t prioritise time for you to achieve your goal
◽ You make yourself busy with other easy things
◽ You don’t create a plan to support you achieving your dream or help you make good decisions

Now that you have the signs, grab a piece of paper and write down the signs that you recognise within yourself. You know, the ones that you thought…heck that’s me? These are your self-sabotage signs…So get out of your own way sister, reset your “I’ve got this” switch and start living your best life today.

Are you stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage AND doubt and don’t know how to break free?

If you just sat reading nodding and ticking off the list of self-sabotage signs than sister we need to change that!! You were meant to live a bigger, more fulfilled and abundant life so let’s make that happen.

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