Every day the Law Of Attraction is working for us. It matches our thoughts and our feelings. The Law Of Attraction follows where we focus our energy. And what I have noticed in myself as an overachiever, workaholic and recovering “ perfectionist” is that stress is blocking you from receiving.


However, if you ask me most days I don’t “feel” stressed but I am reaching for that coffee or that sweet sugar kick around 3 pm. I am at times clouded and somewhat distracted. Not to mention those days where I feel somewhat out of balance or even a disorganised mess.

All signs of stress! – All signs that I am blocking my own ability to manifest using The Law Of Attraction.

If you have these feelings and signs then, girlfriend, stress is blocking your ability to receive too. And it’s ok, it happens to us all. Some days more than others. Some seasons in life more than others. And the reason it often goes unnoticed is that stress is the master of disguise.

It can disguise itself as fatigue or hunger. Stress sometimes disguises itself as procrastination and sadness. And…

The worst thing is we think that it is “part of life!”. However what if it didn’t need to be. What if the path to your best life was as easy?

What if by uncovering how stress shows up for you and it’s symptoms, you could then gain clarity on what to do to remove the block and start opening up your energy channels to receive?

Would your life change? (Ummm Duh Angela).

Let’s then take a little test and discover “How stressed you are” so that we can take create a remedy and a little time for self-love and self-care.

How Stressed Are You?

Here is a list of stress symptoms, remember that stress is a master of disguise so don’t get all freaked out if you tick lots and lots of boxes. When we know we get to create change in our life.

Law Of Attraction

Stress Symptoms:

-Trouble sleeping
-Lack Of Motivation
-Quick to get cranky and frustrated
-Headaches or stomach aches
-Angry outbursts
-Eating or drinking alcohol to feel numb
-Low self-esteem
-Withdrawal from friends
-Dry mouth
-Clouded judgement
-Avoiding people
-Clenched jaw, fists
-Feeling faint
-Developing nervous habits like nail biting
-Lack of focus
-Unable to relax
-Body aches, pains or tension
-Feeling closed in and overwhelmed

These are just a few symptoms of stress. Take a little time to see where and how stress is appearing in your life or if in fact, you have been avoiding the stress the signs.

Remember that the first step to releasing stress so that it no longer blocks your ability to receive and live your best life is by identifying how it appears in your life.

Would you love to learn more about how you can remove what’s blocking your ability to manifest and achieve your dreams?


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