Have you ever noticed how we always think worrying is the best way to solve our problems? It’s like we’re trying to be superheroes or something!

But actually, worrying just makes us feel even worse. It’s like we’re using up all our energy and we end up feeling totally exhausted and burnt out.

On the other hand, being still and calm can help us feel better. It’s like taking a power nap for our brain! When we’re still, we can think more clearly and focus on what’s really important.

Our brains can be pretty wacky sometimes, right? We start thinking about weird stuff, and then we get scared about things that might not even happen!

So, let’s take a break from all that crazy thinking. Sit down and take a deep breath. Just listen to your thoughts without getting too caught up in them.

Don’t overthink things, just trust yourself. Give yourself permission to relax and be still. Trust me, it’s worth it! You’ll feel stronger and smarter than ever before!


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