When I first summoned enough courage to launch my business (back when life-coaching was my passion) I was so full of excitement. Part of me held fears but mostly I was so excited to help change lives. Then…slowly almost stealth ninja-like I kept finding myself spinning my wheels falling into these three common mistakes women entrepreneurs make.


You too may have made these 3 common entrepreneurial mistakes, and if so, know you’re in good company. So.. before we go any further, let’s shake of some negativity vibes aka Taylor Swift style. Recalibrate back to your “why” and “vision” acknowledging that you are a badass and can always change both your energy and the results inside your business.

Are you with me? Awesome, now what are these three mistakes?

I’m so pleased you asked. Here they are.

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3 Common Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make


Stuck Inside Planning:

Ever bought a planner, even lashed out and bought all the cute stickers to match only to discover you’ve spent a lot of time planning and not actually taking any action?

I feel that planners and stationery are every entrepreneurial women‘s quicksand. They almost have a magical effect on our brains and keep us stuck in non-action. I mean it feels kinda rewarding, writing out a plan with pretty sparkles highlighting your desires. And.. whilst having a plan is great. Getting too caught up in the planning only means you’re not taking action.

common mistakes

The Validation Trap.

Gosh, this one was biiig for me. If I’m honest I think I’ve spent most of my life seeking validation, approval and permission from other people (like I am still 3, Ummm Hi Dad).

As hard as it is to acknowledge, it’s really important that you get honest with yourself. Are you waiting for someone else to give you permission to be successful? Are you waiting for someone else to tell you how amazing you are before you raise your prices, start your business or put yourself out there, selling like a boss queen ?

Waiting for validation will stall your results every.single time. Deep down part of you knows you can succeed otherwise you would never have been gifted the dream of starting a business in the first place. You Can Lead Yourself To Success & Greatness


Not Fully Backing Yourself

If you aren’t seeing the results you desire, or are lacking momentum and focus, it could be because you aren’t 100% backing yourself. So often the reason we stall or never really take any action is that we think we need to do and learn more before we truly allow ourselves to get started. Before we allow ourselves to be seen and heard, making an impact and money. This will have you turning in circles.

More often than not this is your inner fears getting in the way and what you really need to do is just get started. Stop thinking you need to do or learn more but instead, give yourself permission to do and be successful with your business now.

Action clears overwhelm and builds your confidence. And the sales will start rolling in.

You don’t need to wait on the sideline hoping to be picked. You don’t need others to believe in you before you begin taking action on your desires.

You can achieve what’s on your heart and the vision you have in your mind.

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