It feels like there is an outrageous amount of things on your to-do list at the moment right? Would you love to know the 3 steps to calm the stressed mind so that you can get back to enjoying life?

Everyday life is hectic, I know I get it. Each day seems to come with a matching to-do list almost as long as Santa’s list of all the kiddos naughty and nice. And this… never ending, always growing list can stress you out. Which means you’re either grouchy, wayyy over caffeinated or stressed to the max. Um…hello wine!!

It’s about to become easier for you – and wayyy more fun.

Calming your stressed mind

3 Steps to Calm the Stressed Mind 


Pause and breathe. Big deep breaths. Breathing in belly expands, breathing out our belly deflates – most don’t breathe properly 


Acknowledging Feelings

Acknowledge how you are feeling and where in your body you are feeling it 


Get rid of those Stressful Feelings

Whilst you keep breathing, release the feeling of stress and bring yourself back to neutral 


From here you get to choose how you want to feel regardless of what is happening around you. Choose what you want and practice thinking thoughts that create that feeling.

Hey Sister, Do you ever have those days or weeks when everything feels like an uphill battle?


Your energy feels heavy or perhaps your to-do list feels like an impossible task that is leaving you spinning. I’ve got you!

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