Whether you’re ready to raise your hand to admitting that you speak to yourself or not, we all do. And when we do, our voice can be a powerful way to use affirmations… We all have a voice or voices talking to us in our minds most of the time. 

Sometimes this voice will urge us forward like a rock star entering the stage of her dreams. However most of the time this voice is negative. That’s where using affirmations can truly help us. But what’s the best and most powerful way to use affirmations

Affirmations are designed to help us change our limiting beliefs, or as I like to think of it …affirmations turn down the volume of our itty bitty shitty committee. They will help you get back up when something knocks you down or empower you to break through preconceived limitations.

So let’s give your inner cheerleader a loud speaker so that you start transforming your life with these four powerful ways to use affirmations.

Powerful affirmations

Four powerful ways to use Affirmations

Set An Alarm

Set an alarm on your phone to ring several times a day. When the alarm goes off read out loud your chosen affirmation or affirmations. With feeling!

Post It Notes

Who doesn’t love some stationery goodness? Why not go out, get yourself some pretty post-it notes and write affirmations on them. Then stick them on every mirror in your house, or stick them on every door, so that when you see them you read them out loud. With feeling!

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Record Them 

Ok so this idea may make you feel weird at first but let me tell you…IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE! Using your smartphone, why not record yourself saying your affirmations at least three times through and then listen to them multiple times a day. Hearing your own voice is a highly effective way to break up the itty bitty shitty committee hold.

Write Them Out

Writing with pen and paper helps you cement in beliefs and affirmations. It helps you connect the dots within your mind. So why not grab a journal and write out a whole page of affirmations. With Feeling!

4 ways to use affirmations

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