Want 5 ridiculously easy ways to feel happy?  So that you can take back control of your emotions and have that warm and powerful knowledge that you’ve got a plan to help guide you back to feeling happy and at ease? Keep reading sister.

Aren’t emotions wonderful?

I mean one moment you are almost peeing your pants with laughter and filled with love. Then in the next minute, you’re either elbow deep in a tub of ice-cream (caramel or the type with that delicious chocolate fudge sauce within…of course), then you’re seriously considering investing in Kleenex stocks or worse – wishing you could stay in bed… forever!

Emotions are exhausting, especially when life is throwing you all the curveballs and challenges. However, when you learn how to control them, emotions are one of your superpowers. 

Once you take back control you become unstoppable, confident, and life gets a whole lot easier and simpler.

However sometimes getting yourself out of deep emotional funk, or crappy mood is easier said than done. Right?

So often we get caught up feeling angry and shooting off text messages or having arguments with those we love.

Then there are the days where we bottle up our emotions until they become a toxic cesspool, ready to explode all over the next poor bugger who jangles our chain. 

Other times if we aren’t eating our feelings we are letting our inner mean girl loose in our minds, beating ourselves up with negative self-talk. Creating a vicious cycle of self-doubt, anxiety and frustration.

With this in mind here are 5 ridiculously easy ways to feel happy that I use with my kids and Firefly Academy to help shift the mood and feel happier and more at ease. 

5 ridiculously easy ways to feel happy

way to feel happy

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