Ever felt this and wondered how to reset your mental state?

As a kid growing up I always wondered how clowns managed to juggle 6 balls at a time. Then when I watched those wild men who juggle knives, swords and sticks of fire, I was awestruck.

When I became a mother, it felt like juggling balls, knives, swords and sticks of fire ALL at the same time. However, instead of balls and knives, it was emotions like mum guilt, finances, other people’s schedules and work.

Feeling a loss of purpose


loss of purpose

When I first met Sandra, she was quiet, seemed deeply sad and in need of a really big hug. Sandra was juggling the swords of mum guilt, knives of low self-esteem and stick of fire known as loss of purpose. In Sandra’s words “I had lost my focus and purpose at work, lost any creative passion and my self-esteem had taken a nose dive – I stacked on heaps of weight”.

When we dived in a little deeper Sandra confessed that she had been struggling with her self talk “barely holding myself together for the sake of my daughter who I have been supporting for the last couple of years through her personal mental health issues, I am exhausted, yet at the same time struggle to sleep at night feeling guilty for wanting me time – I have lost my sense of identity”.

Sandra is not alone in feeling a loss of purpose, focus and identity. Us women put the needs of everyone first and wear all the hats from mum, partner, taxi driver, home nurse, cook and cleaner (to name a few) until we end up exhausted and that’s when it feels like the wheels have fallen off the wagon. That is when we are assaulted with negative self-talk and our self-esteem and confidence suffer.

How to reset your mental state


Sandra did the 90 Day Reset where we reset and balanced her energy, self-talk and family/work life. Together using:
* energy healing techniques,
* subconscious repatterning
* teaching various life mastery tools,
Sandra was able to regain her self confidence, create a work-life balance and a beautiful vision/plan and purpose for her life.

life purpose

In Sandra’s words “ Under Ange’s amazing care I have learnt so many tools to get me through any situation that arises.”

“I have learnt to manifest, learnt to not feel guilty for taking time for me, found my creative passion again and learnt methods to help my daughter through leading by example instead of trying to fix her – I learnt to trust myself and my intuition.

“I am 1000 times happier, 1000000 times more in control and infinity time more connected with myself and environment. With Angela’s help, both my daughter and I are strong enough to allow both of us the space to be open to learning and healing – Without giving myself permission to take care of myself for a change I’m not sure where I would be”

Finding your own purpose and dreams


As a mum, I am still astounded by how we automatically put the needs of others before our own. Yet when our mum wheels fall off, so do the wheels of those we love. Mum guilt comes with childbirth, however, your dreams, goals and identity don’t need to take a back seat.

You are giving the greatest gift to your family and friends by chasing your dreams and goals. Be the light to those around you and live your best life as the best version of you.

Are you ready to be the light, find your purpose, chase your dreams and live a vision-driven life feeling confident, empowered and 1000000 times more in control?

Hey Sister, Do you ever have those days or weeks when everything feels like an uphill battle?


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