Sister, do you have fears that are blocking you from happiness and preventing your success? Do you know “how” to identify your fears so that they no longer hold you back? Here are 18 questions to help you identify your fears that you can ask yourself over a coffee today to get you moving forward.

Imagine with me for a moment what your love life, family life and bank balance would look like if you no longer let fear block your happiness and success. What would that mean to you?

I mean heck, can you imagine the impact you could have and the happiness you could experience if you could identify your fears and take aligned action to overcome them? I’ve got exactly what you need below with the best 18 questions to help you identify your fears.

As I sit here right this moment at my computer with the blisters of last night making my feet feel tender, I realised…

I love dancing and that the fear I had of dancing in public and letting my inner Beyonce take the stage (or in this case the patch of carpet at the golf club) has held me back from experiencing so much happiness, freedom of expression and fun.

One of my fears for years and years has been dancing outside the comforts of my living room when I knew others could see me. Fear of their judgment and fear of their critic (I am no Jennifer Lopez).

However, last night I danced my heart out and shook my bootie where others could see me and… all the lights were on!

“When you identify your fears and you take the first step to greater happiness and success”

The revelation? When I have fun my fears dissolve when I have a partner in crime (aka fellow mum dancer) I gave less of a hoot about what others thought. And the fear I had of critics…?

Well, I totally debunked that story, nobody walked over, tapped me on the shoulder and said: “you must get off the dance floor because you can’t dance”. No! Instead more fully grown adults joined us to dance in the bright lights. Fear held me hostage along with so many limiting beliefs!

This has me thinking. Isn’t it funny how some of our fears hold us back from truly enjoying life, experiencing greater fun or at times allowing us to reach our full potential living our best life?

So I have put together 18 questions to help you identify your fears however before we dive headfirst into that goodness, let’s take a look at the different types of fears.

Types of fears that hold us back

Some fears are small like the fear of dancing, fear of writing, fear of photos (crazy I know but I am one of those people who manage to pull awkward faces when photos are being taken) but other fears are huge…

I have been held hostage and stuck by the fear of rejection (gosh I have the scars from that one), fear of being alone, fear of failing those who relied on me, fear of being laughed at, fear of not being sexy for my husband (actually for the first 16 years we were together would not stand naked in front of him), that’s to name a few.

But what I have discovered that every time I have overcome these fears I became more confident, felt sexier (that helps your marriage), attracted life-changing opportunities and experienced greater happiness and success.

So sister, let’s roll up our sleeves and identify your fears so you too can set yourself free to have greater happiness and success.

identify your fears

18 questions to help you identify your fears

? What are you actually afraid of?

List down all the fears that come straight to mind. Are you afraid of loud noises, heights, being judged…?

? What do you absolutely HATE doing and how does it make you feel?

Do you hate it because it triggers a deeper fear within you? What fear?

? What causes you anxiety and makes you feel overwhelmed and scared?

What triggers your anxiety or what makes you nervous and uneasy?

? What are some of your biggest and most obvious fears?
Can you think back to a past event maybe even when you were a child that created this fear? Has it happened to me before or was I told this is scary and so I am adopting someone else’s fear?

? What do you do only behind closed doors that you love because your scared of what others will think or say?

? Is there something in your life that you really want to do, or a certain passion or dream you have, but aren’t doing because you’re scared? What is it and what are you scared of?

? Have you avoided certain people, places, jobs or experiences out of a fear of something?

What was it and what was the fear?

? What types of topics make you uncomfortable to talk about?

What kind of activities are you scared of trying? Why? Is it based on fear?

? Are you afraid of being rejected?

Why? What happened last time you were rejected? Does this come from a deeper fear?

? Are you currently in an unhappy, unhealthy, or dysfunctional relationship that you are scared of getting out of?

Why? What are you scared of? (fear of being alone, not finding someone else, being hurt, not being loved)

? Are you currently in a job that you’re scared to leave?

Why? What is the fear? Does this fear go deeper?

? Are you scared of being wrong?

Do you feel your self-worth tied to being right? If so, why? Can you allow yourself to be wrong?
Are you afraid of losing people and friends if you follow your dreams? When in the past did this happen? Is this a truth or possibly a story you’re telling yourself keeping you stuck?

? Are you afraid of what other people think of you, or what others will say about you?

What about it scares you most?

? Does the uncertainty and “not knowing” scare you or make you feel uncomfortable?

What is it about it that scares you?

? How do you feel about change?

Does it scare you? What about it scares you?

? Are you comfortable with being vulnerable?

If no, why not? Can you pinpoint a deeper fear?


Look back on your answers to these questions with curiosity, name your deepest fears. Look them straight in the eye and ask yourself…Is this enough of a reason for me not to live my best life?

Because sister, you were meant for more. You were meant to love your life and have it be fulfilling and fun. ?

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