Acceptance Is The Key To Happiness, acceptance of the problem and that it exists is often the solution, yet we often wrap ourselves so tight in trying to find the solution that acceptance doesn’t even register.

Acceptance for me more and more is accepting that the past can’t be changed nor at times can it be forgotten…

And that’s ok.

It’s in accepting that the past existed softens the energy around the thoughts. Acceptance allows me to remove the hooks of pain and tightness and gifts me the space to change how I see it.

Acceptance helps me be able to reach for a different thought, different feeling within and gifts me the time and space to choose “How” I want to feel, be and turn up each day. Acceptance is the key to happiness.

What can you accept today or this week that will help free you and allow you the space to grow and experience all that this life is gifting you?


Can you accept that pain is simply your bodies messenger system asking you to seek help or change behaviours?

Can you Accept that some of the relationships you are in have come to an end as they are no longer allowing you to grow into the best version of you but instead are holding you back and causing you to stay stuck?

Can you accept the change of weather as a gift instead of as an excuse for your mood and behaviours? The rainy days as natures cleanse the wins as mother nature’s sweep the warm and cold the gift of exploring the difference. Can you look for the silver lining or rainbow in the grey clouds?

Are you ready to accept that who you are is Magnificent, that what you are is Extraordinary? That you are a co-creator in life, gifted with a unique set of gifts and skills unlike anybody else?

Can you accept that Today is the best day of your life and from here you can spring into any feeling, thought or action you choose?

Accepting that you are perfect exactly as you are

Acceptance is your key to happiness

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